.Net OPC Solutions

Advosol specializes in OPC components and tools for the .NET platform.
We offer client and server development toolkits for all OPC specifications. Software developers can build custom OPC clients and servers.
For the system integrator we offer converter server products that translate between OPC specifications.   read more...
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Advosol offers .NET components for all specifications, Classic OPC DA, HDA, A&E, XML-DA and OPC UA. These components provide a set of easy to use .NET classes that handle the OPC server access. Little OPC specification knowledge is required. UA add-on components for the Classic OPC SDKs simplify the migration to OPC UA.
Advosol offers .NET toolkits for the development of OPC DA and OPC UA servers. The toolkits are structured into two parts. The generic server part handles the client interface with the DCOM interop wrapping required for classic OPC servers.
The application specific .NET plug-in DLL handles the 'device' (any data source) access. It is coded in C# or VB.Net as a pure .NET assembly. No DCOM knowledge is required.
Converter servers make classic OPC DCOM applications interoperable with web services based OPC applications.
Test Client and Analyzer tools help with the commissioning of OPC applications and the necessary configurations settings.

.Net OPC Solutions      Category Description


Advosol offers a comprehensive set of OPC toolkits and utilities for the .NET platform.

.Net OPC Client Toolkits

The client development components allow .Net client applications to access OPC servers. These software packages are much more than simple .Net wrapper. They provide everything needed for efficient application development. All OPC defined functions can be called through easy to use classes with all data properly converted. Additional software layers offer a number of higher level functions like browsing the server supported items into a .Net TreeNode structure. Visual Studio project and class generation wizards make usage simple and quick.

OPCDA .NET The OPCDA.NET Client Component offers highly efficient and flexible access to OPC DA V2/V3 servers.
XMLDA.NET The XMLDA.NET Client Component  supports access to OPC DA V2/V3 and XML DA servers. The clients are developed as XML DA clients, independent of the type of server.
OPCHDA.NET The OPCHDA.NET Client Component handles access to OPC HDA historian servers and can be used in combination with OPCDA.NET and OPCAE.NET.
OPCAE.NET The OPCAE.NET Client Component handles access to OPC Alarm and Events servers and can be used in combination with OPCDA.NET and OPCHDA.NET.
EasyUA Client SDK  The EasyUA Client SDK handles the communication with UA servers with DA/HD/AC/Methods functionality.


.Net OPC Server Toolkits
The .NET server toolkits have a generic server that implements the OPC specified client interface and a application specific .NET plug-in assembly that allows the application specific server functionality to be implemented with C# or VB.Net .

OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit

The DANSrv is an OPC DA V2.05 / V3.0 compliant server that can be customized in .Net assembly. OPC servers that e.g. front-end a database or an Ethernet connected device can take advantage of the .Net tools. A simple .Net assembly has to be created, no COM and OPC knowledge is required.
The customization assembly can also be used with the OPC UA server toolkit. No further effort is required to support the new OPC standards.
OPC UA Server Toolkit The uaPLUS server toolkit makes the transition to OPC UA simple.  It can use the same application plug-in DLLs as the toolkit for classic OPC DA. Or, the devices can be handles with application specific UA node managers.
Converter Servers
The Converter Servers translate between different OPC specifications.


OPC DA server that enables OPC DA clients to access remote XML DA servers.


 XML DA web service that enables XML DA clients to access OPC DA servers.