Free Tools and Product Evaluations

Many valuable clients, servers and OPC utilities can be downloaded free of charge in our product evaluation packages.

Tool Description Download Package
Advosol Product Info Utility This utility shows the versions of the installed Advosol products and the current product version together with brief version notes.
This utility is provided with all Advosol products. If you have a product or evaluation installed then you don't need to download. Look for the utility in the program menu or in the product setup directory or tools supdirectory.
Otherwise download the ZIP file and extract the utility to any directory. The extracted EXE file may have to be unlocked in the file properties to allow the downloaded file to execute.
OPC Security Analyzer

Windows application that analyzes and explains security settings. OpcSecurityAnalyzer
DA V2 Test Client Easy to use client with server/tag browser, item read/write and item subscription. Test Client Executable
OPC DA .NET Client Component
OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit
DA V3 Test Client Most DA 3 features can be tested interactively. Test Client Executable
OPC DA. NET Client Component
OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit
A&E Test Client Interactive testing of all OPC A&E server features. Test Client Executable
OPC AE .NET client component
HDA Test Client Interactive testing of all OPC HDA mandatory and optional server features. Test Client Executable
OPC HDA .NET client component
XML DA Test Client Full featured XML DA client with quick item browsing/selection and interactive step-wise browsing to test the browse interface. Read, write, properties and subscriptions have their own item selection. This client can also access OPC DA servers through it's built-in OPC DA gateway. Test Client Executable
XML DA .NET client component
XML DA .NET server toolkit
DA V2/V3 Simulation Server The server has a hierarchical item address space with static and simulated items of most simple and array data types. OPC DA .NET client component
HDA Simulation Server HDA 1.2 compliant server with support of many optional features and a small test data base. OPC HDA .NET client component
XML DA Sample Servers 16 VB/C# sample servers. One has a configurable item address space. The servers with TCP/IP and serial device communication are provided the source of a device simulator application.
These servers have a 30 min run-time limitation.
XML DA .NET server toolkit
XML DA to OPC DA Gateway XML DA clients can access remote OPC DA servers through this gateway. There is a 30 min run-time limit. XDAGW-SS server-side Gateway
OPC DA to XML DA Gateway OPC DA clients can access XML DA servers. This gateway can be used in combination with XDAGW-SS to form a bridge and allow OPC DA clients to access remote OPC DA servers. There is a 30 min run-time limit. XDAGW-CS client-side Gateway
Error Lookup .Net application that explains the OPC error and quality codes and OPC related Windows error codes. OPC DA .NET client component

Download Procedure:
Click the link of the tool or a package, add the evaluation license to the shopping cart and then go thru checkout. You need to sign-in or create a new account. At the end of the checkout process the software can be downloaded.