Advosol specializes in OPC solutions on the .NET platform.

Company History

Advosol Inc. started business in 1996 as a supplier of OPC software components and tools.

With the arrrival of .NET, we immediately recognized it's importance and potential and developed software components for the support of OPC in .Net application. We were the first company to offer .Net wrapper for all widely used OPC standards as well as server/client toolkits for the XML DA standard. We have long and extensive know-how of OPC and .Net and offer a wide range of components for the software developer and system builder.

The products can be purchased online and immediately downloaded. Support is mainly by email and the very product specialists can support users worldwide. To match the new situation, the sales organization was changed from regional sales offices to a product orientation and the company name was changed to Advosol Inc.
Advosol Inc. develops OPC software components for .Net and sells and supports these products internationally.


Advosol Inc. offers the most comprehensive set of of OPC server/client toolkits for .Net and web services. Based on the feedback of a large number of customers the products evolved into highly efficient developer tools with sophisticated features and extensive documentation for novice users.

  • Components and tools for the software developer
    Advosol has decades of experience in this area and know how the products need to structured, documented and supported.
  • Components for the system builder
    OPC allows system builder to create solutions by combining components from different suppliers. Advosol delivers components that allow OPC DA server/clients to be used in web services based solutions.


We support our customers with consulting, project management, programming services and training. Economic and future oriented problem solutions are our center of attention. We care for our customers while planning, realizing and supporting the applications. Through combining consulting, training, software products we achieve optimal results for our clients in regard of technical, time schedule, personnel and budget aspects.