OPC AE .NET Server Toolkit Version Log

DANSrvAE Version Information

Nov-12-2019   V9.4.2
On service creation the service path is quoted to prevent virus security warnings.
Apr-25-2019    V9.4
Updated to match the DANSrv base product. No AE related changes.

Sep-21-2018    V9.2.1
The sample servers didn't send 'condition inactive' events.

Jun-5-2018     V9.2
Updated to match the DANSrv base product. No AE related changes.

Aug-31-2017    V9.1
Built with Visual Studio 2017 and the newest C++ libraries.

Mar-10-2017    V9.0
Updated to Visual Studio 2017. Support for .NET2 discontinued.

Aug-27-2016  V8.2.1
GetServerInstanceInfo() implementation improved to prevent exceptions because of calls with an invalid instanceHandle.

Apr-30-2016   V8.2
Registering the server with /Service /AutoStart now immediately starts the service.

Dec-14-2015   V8.0.3
Bug fixes for DA functionality in the generic server.

Sep-12-2015   V8.0.2
The bug in the DA item attributes enumeration was not fully fixed.

Sep-10-2015   V8.0.1
DA GetItemAttributes failed because of incorrect struct alignment.
Installer did incorrectly check the installed Visual Studio versions.

Aug-14-2015   V8.0
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2015, .NET4.6 and Windows 10.

Jul-22-2015    V7.4.0.1
Setup corrected, NSPluginNet4.dll was missing in the sample executable directory, causing the sample execution to fail without rebuild.

Jul-13-2015     V7.4
Features added in the DA server.

Sep-22-2014    V7.3
Support for Visual Studio 2013 added.
ServerInstancesChange() handling corrected and improved.

Dec-5-2013     V7.2
Bug fixes in the DA part of the generic server.

Jun-12-2013    V7.1.2
Writing an invalid string to an EUtype Enumerated item did return error OPC_E_RANGE instead of OPC_E_BADTYPE.
Empty strings in the EUType enumeration are now allowed. Not all indices in the enumeration need to be valid.
Possible deadlock in 'Many Items' update mode fixed.
Bug fix: Read requests with invalid handles could cause an exception.Mar-22-2013   V7.1.1
Bug fix in 64bit server registration as Windows Service.

Sep-3-2012    V7.1
CreateSubscription() success return codes were not returned to client.

Sep-4-2012    V7.0
Updated to support Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and .NET4.5

Apr-21-2012    V6.3
Improvements in the Condition and acknowledge handling in the AE sample servers.

Jan-10-2012    V6.1.3
The X64 Net4 generic server used NSPlugin.dll instead of NSPluginNet4.dll as documented.

Oct-20-2011    V6.1.2
NSPluginAEbase.dll version mix fixed in the evaluation distribution.
VS2010/Net4 sample server projects were not completely adapted to .NET4.
Quality was not set in condition event notifications.

Aug-31-2011   V6.1.1
Bug fix in the AE sample servers to set the event severity.
NSPluginAEbase.dll interface method onCreateEventCondition() parameter changed from string type to EventSource.

Jun-27-2011   V6.1
Some memory allocations didn't check for Out-of-memory error. In rare memory overload situations this could cause access violation crashes.
GetItemProperties in Virtual browse mode returned S_OK instead of S_FALSE on some errors.
The Visual Studio 2003 and .NET1.1 related files are removed from the distribution.

Dec-16-2010   V6.0.3
Bug fixes in the DA server functionality.

Sep-2-2010    V6.0.1
Bug fix in the DA functionality
- The PropertyItemScanThread was not stopped on stop of the server running as a service.
- In IOPCBrose.GetProperties(): item values were not refreshed in case dwPropertyCount==0 (all)
- The Standard Edition did fully start the server even without the /FullStart option specified.

Jun-17-2010 V6.0
Added support for .NET4 and Visual Studio 2010.

Apr-27-2010    V5.4.4
Updated to match DANSrv V5.4.4

Mar-23-2010    V5.4.3
Bug fix in x64 generic server: Unregister didn't remove all X64 registry definitions.

Mar-11-2010    V5.4.2
Callback memory allocation handling improved because of issues with Windows7 x64.
Memory leak fixed for strings in OnEvent callback.

Jan-14-2010    V5.4.1
Bug fix in GetConditionState()

Sep-23-2009   V5.4
Updated to DANSrv V5.4

Mai-23-2009  V5.3.1
CreateSubscription did incorrectly handle the S_FALSE return value from NSPlugin.dll.

Jun-6-2008   V5.3
Improved support for multi-dimensional array type DA item values, including deadband handling for items with EU type 'Analog'.
A modification in V5.1.1 could cause the modes configuration settings ClientUpdateMode and WriteCacheUpdateMode to be reset to the default values.

Mar-3-2008   V5.2.2
Disconnect OPC DA client did terminate the server even when AE client connected.
Bug fix in GetServerInstanceInfo.
New sample applications with a simple Wizard created DA server part and added AE sample code.

Jan-18-2008   V5.2.1
Visual Studio 2008 support added.
Bug fix: Memory leak in GetItemInfo()
Startup error reporting improved. Connect returns error code returned in NSPlugin methods instead of E_FAIL.

Dec-13-2007   V5.1.2
In plug-in requested shutdown the generic server now calls ShutdownSignal() to reduce special handling in plug-in DLL;
Registry access denied errors could hang the server in register/unregister operation.
V5.1.1 was built on Vista and did not execute on some XP systems due to missing files.

Nov-22-2007   V5.1.1
Updated to match DANSrv V5.1.1. The Advosol OPC Core Components now support 32-bit and 64-bit mode.
Command line argument /FullStart starts full server operation without a connected client.

Mar-8-2007    V5.0
Upgraded for and tested with Windows Vista and Vista-64.
On Vista-64 with tested with VS 2005 SP1 and the beta release of the VS 2005 SP1 updates for Vista and encountered some application crashes that looked like a beta issue.

12-30-2006     V4.3
A 64-bit version of the DANSrvAE.exe generic server is included.

11-4-2006       V4.2.5
The FW2 version of the generic server (DANSrvAE.exe) expected the customization DLL name NSPluginVS8.dll instead of NSPlugin.dll.

Apr-12-2006     V4.2.2
The OnEvent data for simple and tracking events now has the full source name.

Mar-12-2006     V4.2.1
There is a single callback for each Refresh request (no packing) to satisfy the CTT callback count test case.

Jan-03-2006        V4.1
Wizard adapted for Visual Studio 2005 release version.
PostBuild step did not copy files when the the Visual Studio option ‘Create a new directory for solution’ was checked.
VB Wizard template code contained some C# test code.

10/21/2005        V4.0.1
A VS2005 related bug in the string class caused crash in dynamic item handling operation mode.

10/08/2005       V4.0
Added support for .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
The sample server plug-in projects are provided for Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.
The generic server is provided in a version for .Net Framework 1.1 and one for 2.0

8/28/2005       V3.3.2
This is the initial product version of the A&E Add-In. It has the same version number as the base DANSrv OPC DA server.

6/16/2005       Beta Version