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The EasyUA Client SDK provides a set of .NET classes that handle the UA server communication. Included are sample applications and utilities for configuration and testing.
OPC UA DA, HA, AC and UA Methods functionality is supported.
The Alarms&Events .NET (C# and VB.NET) OPC Server Toolkit is an add-on for the DANSrv OPC DA server toolkit. It adds OPC AE 1.1 functionality.
The DANSrv is a .NET (C# and VB.NET) server development toolkit for OPC DA V2/V3 compliant servers. All required customization is done in a .NET assembly. No DCOM and little OPC knowledge is required. The toolkit is easy to use, has high performance and can easily handle ten thousands of items.
The Classic OPC Historian .NET Server Toolkit is being discontinued. We still support existing customers.
The OpcSecurityAnalyzer utility is a Windows .Net application that helps find and correct OPC related security settings.
OPC A&E clients can be developed in C# and VB.NET. The OPCAE.NET SDK provides classes and methods for the .NET Framework and .NetCore platforms.
The OPCAE.NET-UA component extends the OPCAE.NET Client Component with an OPC UA wrapper. The application can access Classic OPC AE and OPC UA-AC servers through the same API.
OPC clients can be developed in C# or VB.NET  without the hassle of COM interoperability. The OPCDA.NET OPC Client SDK provides classes and methods for the .NET Framework and .NetCore platforms. All features of the OPC DA V2.05 and V3.0 specifications are supported. Additional helper classes, tools and many samples provide a highly efficient application development environment.
The OPCDA.NET-UA add-on option extends the OPCDA.NET Client SDK for C# and VB.NET with an OPC UA wrapper. The application can access OPC DA and OPC UA servers through the same API.
Users of the OPCDA.NET Client Component can upgrade their products to support OPC UA without application code changes.
OPC Historical Data Access clients can be developed with C# or VB.NET. The OPCHDA.NET Client SDK provides classes and methods for the .NET Framework and .NetCore platforms. The development of applications for the  OPC HDA Server access is simple and efficient.
Advosol offers its OPC and .NET knowhow in the form of support incidents and on an hourly base.

Test Client applications for OPC DA V2, DA V3, HDA, AE, XML DA

The Advosol uaPLUS OPC UA Server Toolkit simplifies the transition to OPC UA. The toolkit can use the same  C#/VB.NET customization plug-in .NET assembly as the Advosol OPC DA/HDA/AE and XML DA server toolkits. Or, UA servers can be implemented with UA node managers
The XML-DA Client Side Gateway is an OPC DA converter server that enables OPC DA client applications to access XML-DA servers. The XML-DA servers may be remote without firewall issues thanks to the XML DA HTTP based communication.
The XML-DA Server Side Gateway is an XML DA service that enables XML-DA clients to access OPC DA V2 servers. Through the gateway OPC DA servers can be accessed from remote XML DA  clients.
XMLDA.NET is a .NET Client development toolkit that handles the access to XML DA and OPC DA servers. The application is coded as an XML DA web client, independent of the type of server to be accessed. Ideal for ASP.NET applications.

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