XML DA Gateways

The OPC XML-DA Gateways convert between Classic OPC DA and XML-DA web services.
Remote servers can be accessed with the HTTP based XML DA communication.   read more...
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The XML-DA Client Side Gateway is an OPC DA converter server that enables OPC DA client applications to access XML-DA servers. The XML-DA servers may be remote without firewall issues thanks to the XML DA HTTP based communication.
The XML-DA Server Side Gateway is an XML DA service that enables XML-DA clients to access OPC DA V2 servers. Through the gateway OPC DA servers can be accessed from remote XML DA  clients.

XML DA Gateways      Category Description

The XML DA Gateways are easy to configure. XML DA uses HTTP based web services communication and has only the HTTPS option for secure communication.
The Advosol XML DA converter servers are provided in versions for .NET Web Services and for WCF (the Windows Communication Foundation). WCF can be configured for a wide range of communication options for security and performance. These options are available only if both sides, client and server are WCF based.

The XDAGW-SS Server-side Gateway is an IIS web service that enables XML-DA clients to access OPC-DA servers. The gateway is installed at the location of the OPC-DA servers and can be accessed from remote XML-DA web service client applications.The device with the OPC server does not need to be upgraded.
It is possible to restrict the access to the underlying server to a subset of the items and the access to read-only.


The XDAGW-CS Client-side Gateway is an OPC DA server that enables OPC-DA clients to access remote XML DA servers.The gateway is installed at the location of the OPC-DA client.
Applications with a built-in OPC-DA client need not be upgraded in order to be able to access XML-DA servers.