Servers and Tools

Converter servers make classic OPC DCOM applications interoperable with web services based OPC applications.
Test Client and Analyzer tools help with the commissioning of OPC applications and the necessary configurations settings.   read more...
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The XML-DA Client Side Gateway is an OPC DA converter server that enables OPC DA client applications to access XML-DA servers. The XML-DA servers may be remote without firewall issues thanks to the XML DA HTTP based communication.
The XML-DA Server Side Gateway is an XML DA service that enables XML-DA clients to access OPC DA V2 servers. Through the gateway OPC DA servers can be accessed from remote XML DA  clients.
The OpcSecurityAnalyzer utility is a Windows .Net application that helps find and correct OPC related security settings.

Test Client applications for OPC DA V2, DA V3, HDA, AE, XML DA

Servers and Tools      Category Description

OPC Converter servers convert between OPC specifications and enable different client and server applications to communicate.
A pair of converter scan be used as a bridge (tunnel) DCOM for remote server communication.

Advosol offers converters between Classic OPC (DCOM) and OPC XML DA respectively OPC UA

  • Conversion to/from XML DA.
    XML DA converters are simple to configure but offer limited security options and support only OPC DA.



Advosol provides a number of utilities as cost free tools.

  • Test Clients
    Test clients are available for most OPC specifications. They can be used to test the server access and to retrieve information from the server.

  • OpcSecurityAnalyzer
    Analyzes the DCOM configuration and explains the settings.