OPC HDA .NET Server Toolkit

The Classic OPC Historian .NET Server Toolkit is being discontinued. We still support existing customers.   read more...
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OPC HDA .NET Wrapper for OPC HDA clients


The HDANSrv Toolkit is discontinued but still supported for customers with a subscription.


OPC HDA (Historian) .NET Server Development Toolkit for C# and VB.NET

The HDANSrv OPC Historian Server Toolkit enables users to implement OPC HDA compliant servers with C# or VB.NET.
The COM client interface and the wrapping to .NET data types is handled in the generic toolkit server component.
To make the toolkit easy to use and understand the server code is structured in three layers:
  • Generic OPC HDA COM server
    Handles the client COM interface and the .NET wrapping. The data is converted to/from .NET data types.
    There are no application specific features. The provided implementation doesn't require any application adaptations.
  • Base Customization .NET plug-in assembly
    Does the basic OPC HDA compliant request handling. The provided C# and VB.NET implementation handles most application requirements. Application specific adaptations may be necessary for optimized server performance.
  • Database Access .NET plug-in assembly.
    This layer handles the application specific database access and data processing supported by the server.
    The provided sample implementation handles a text file database.

The provided sample servers are tested with the OPC Foundation Compliance Test Tool for full OPC HDA 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 compliance.

Complete source code is available and the code is well structured and extensively documented. The custom server development can be as simple as adapting one database access method.
To achieve top performance it may be necessary to adapt the provided Base Customization .NET plug-in assembly implementation.

Standard Edition Server Toolkit Features

  • OPC HDA V1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 compliant
  • Generic server as a local/remote COM server with a high performance .NET wrapper. Works in 32-bit and 64-bit mode with the same customization plug-in assembly. The server can be registered to run as a process or a Windows Service.
  • Application specific handling is in.NET Assemblies that can be coded with VB.Net,
  • C# or any .NET compiler. C# amd VB.NET source code of the base customization plug-in is provided with the Site license.
  • The documentation is supplied as a Windows help CHM file and as a Help3 component that integrates into the Visual Studio help system and offers context sensitive help.
  • Test client that allows the interactive execution of all OPC HDA defined functions.
  • Simple deployment.
  • The Standard Edition supports of all mandatory HDA features and the optional asynchronous read functions.
  • Developer license with one time fee, no run-time licenses required.
  • The license includes an Updates/Support subscription for 90 days.

Professional Edition Server Toolkit Features

  • All features of the Standard Edition
  • Additionally supports the optional OPC HDA Update, Playback and Annotations features.
  • Complete source code of the plug-in customization assemblies for the sample text file database server implementation in C# and VB .Net.
    The Company SIte license also includes the C++ source code of the generic server.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10/11 or Windows Server 2019 or neweer   32 or 64bit
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer or .NET7    Visual Studio 2022, C# or Visual Basic

Server Development

The generic server converts all client call parameters to .Net types and calls the appropriate method in the customization plug-in. All application specific server handling can be implemented in C# or VB.Net, using only .Net data types.
The provided sample servers are used as the starting point for custom server development projects. Depending on the application requirements the server development can be as simple as adapting the database read methods.

OPC Standard Compliance
The provided sample server implementation is tested with the OPC Foundation Compliance Test Tool for compliance with the OPC HDA V1.0/1.1/1.2 specifications.

Test Client
All OPC HDA defined functions can be called interactively.
This test client is a .Net application, built with the OPCHDA.NET Client Component, which is available as a separate product.