XML-DA Server Side Gateway Version Log

OPC XML-DA Server Side Gateway

V8.3          Feb-16-2022
Built with Opcdanet.Net4.dll V14.4  (DCOM authentication level PacketIntegrity)

V8.2    Jul-31-2018
Server connect logging added.
Disconnect thread security context manipulation added. On a few machines the necessary permission were missing.

V8.1 Jul-26-2018
Assembly title corrected. Additional server start log details.

V8.0.2      Sep-25-2017
DLL reference mix corrected

V8.0.1      Mai-2-2017
"DisconnectAfterIdleSeconds" configuration setting was ignored. Alwasys 20 sec default.

V8.0        Apr-29-2017
The executable are built for .NET4.x. The web service must run as an IIS application with a .NET4.x application pool.
Write of string type values to an OPC DA item with unknown datatype are now executed.

V7.0     Sep-2-2016
DA server value timestamps were passed to the XML DA client as local time instead of UTC.
ReplyBase.RcvTime/ReplyTime were returned as local time instead of UTC.
The AppSettings definition forces timestamps to be returned as local time as they were in previous versions.
Poll with RETURNALLITEMS returns unchanged items (according specification) with current timestamp instead of the source timestamp.

V6.2.0.1   Nov-12-2015
Setup built with new Installer tool version.

V6.2        Jan-1-2015
Try/catch blocks added in all Add/Cancel subscription protected code sections.
Try/catch blocks added over all mutex protected update code to prevent possible deadlocks due to invalid data.

V6.1       Apr-9-2013
Error logging enhanced. Separate log file for each calender month.
Additional configuration option to enable client request logging on request and item level.

V6.0       Oct-4-2011
Bug fix in buffering array values.
Bug fix: Ignore HoldTime if there are no subscriptions.
Compiled with OPCDA.NET 8.4 and Xi Option for converting OPC DA or Xi server.
Help documentation enhanced and updated to IIS7.

V5.0.5    Dec-15-2008
The Gateway uninstall could remove the 'Default Web Server' root folder in case of registry read errors.
The evaluation setup file has a password.

V5.0.4    Apr-5-2008
Bug fix in subscription thread timing; The OPC DA server could get disconnected despite existing subscriptions.

V5.0.2     Aug-25-2007
Setup with improved install selection.

V5.0.1    Aug-14-2007
Setup did install WCF version on Windows Server 2003 systems.

V5.0      Apr-14-2007
Added support for Windows Vista .NET3, the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

V4.1 Sep-15-2006
Added support for WSE3.0 secure access.

V4.0.1     May-4-2006
Setup dialog added for virtual web service directory.

V4.0        Mar-22-2006
Gateway web service provided for ASP.NET/Framework 1.1 and ASP.NET2/Framework 2.0.
New setup tool and additional sample clients.
Compliance tested with CTT V2.00.10.1130

V3.2        Oct-20-05
New Configuration and Diagnostic Utility and additional OPC Simulation Test server.
More tolerance in item property value types returned from the OPC server.

V3.1.2     Feb-12-05
Secondary threads did not correctly impersonate the client. ItemPath passed to OPC server as AccessPath.

V3.1.1      Jan-29-05
Bug fix: SubscriptionPolledRefresh did not correctly return the server error state and item quality BAD in case of interrupted OPC DA server access.
ItemPath="" treated same as ItemPath=null in OpcAcc.getItemName.

V3.1      Jan-17-05
Adapted to XML-DA specification 1.01 and complicance tested with the newest OPC Foundation compliance tool version.

V3.0     Oct-8-2004
Supports WriteVQT() to OPCDA V3 servers while using Write() with OPC DA V2 servers. Additional configuration parameter for disconnect idle time. OPC DA V3 simulation server for test purposes.

V2.3.4 June-12-2004
The ClientItemHandle was not always defined in the SubsrciptionPolledRefresh reply.

V2.3.3 May-10-2004
New OPC DA test server

V2.3.2 April-24-2004
Tested at the OPC Foundation Interoperability Workshop and with the Beta version of the OPC Foundation XML-DA Compliancy Test Tool and made the necessary changes (mainly in error handling) to be compliant.

V2.3.1 Jan-24-04
Testclient setup problem corrected

V2.3 Jan-22-04
Additional Web client, ASP and ASP.NET sample applications.
The Web and ASP application are script based, using the MSSOAP toolkit methods for server access.
The ASP.NET VB/C# applications use the .Net features for simplified server access.

V2.2 Oct-28-03
- Subscribe performance improved by minimizing the number of OPC server calls.
- All OPC server calls now with a single OpcServer object
- User/Password/Domain can be specified in the configuration for the OPC server access
- The access info defined with the server is also used to access OpcEnum
- new XML-DA test client that can also access OPC-DA servers
- The Subscription ring buffer size can be defined in the web.config file
- A wait time after OPC server connect can be configured. Before a fix 500 ms wait time was used.
Now the default is 0. Most OPC server don't need a wait time.
- A wait time after AddItems to group can be configured. Before a fix 500 ms wait time was used.
Now the default is 0. Most OPC server don't need a wait time.

V2.1.1 Oct-16-03
This is an unofficial release.
The configuration is extended:
- User/password can by specified with the OPC server ProgID ( //compname/progid?User=abcd?Password=1234?Domain=xxxx )
- Wait time after connect in ms ( somer OPC servers need time to get ready )
- Wait time after AddItems in ms

V2.1 Oct-09-2003
The OPCDA and XMLDA Test Clients now browse incrementally to avoid long waiting times in situations with slow servers/connections and large number of items.

V2.0.7 Aug-13-2003
Some minor corrections in Properties and DataTypes

V2.0.6 Aug-11-2003
Faulty namespace in Properties corrected and error in Browse fixed

V2.0.3 08-02-03
fixed incompatibilities with ItemPath / ItemName in Browse and Read

V2.0.2 07-30-03
fixed incompatibilities with ItemPath / ItemName

V2.0 July-2003
adapted for OPC XML-DA specification V1.0

V1.1.1 Feb-2003
accepts null pointers in Browse ItemPath and ItemName arguments

V1.0 Oct-2002
based on OPC XML-DA specification RC1.8