EasyUA Client SDK Version Log

EasyUA Client SDK

Aug-5-2022    V5.0
Updated from .NET5 to .NET6.
Built with UA Stack V1.4.368.58.
Because of access permission issues with the certificate private key the default UA configurations are changed to the CurrentUser store.

Feb-12-2022   V4.4
Built with UA Stack V1.4.367.75

Jan-25-2022   V4.3.2
Null checks added in ReadNodes() to prevent unexpected null reference exceptions.
Application certificate could be created in the LocalMachine store instead of the configured store.

Nov-3-2021    V4.3
Built with UA Stack V1.4.367.41

Sep-28-2021   V4.2.0.1
Method descriptions in EasyUA.chm reference manual corrected.

Sep-23-2021    V4.2
Built with UA Stack V1.4.366.38

June-24-2021   V4.1
Server re-connect handling and certificate management improved.
Number of DLLs reduced. The applications now need to reference the UaBase DLL with all EasyUA DLLs.

Apr-6-2021    V4.0
Support for .NET5 (NetCore) added. Instead of referencing EsayUa.dll or EasyUA.WPF.dll the references are now:
   - for .NET 4.7.2 Framework: EasyUa.Net4.dll or  EasyUA.WPF.NET4.dll
   - for .NET5 (NetCore):         EasyUA.Net5.dll or EasyUA.Net5-windows or EasyUA.WPF.Net5.dll
Github UA Stack updates applied.

July-9-2020  V3.3.2
BrowseTree now ignores nodes with null display name instead of failing.
Bug fix in async CreateSession. Failed session create exception was not catched in async call handler.
The Application Configuration is now kept (cached) in a static object to have it loaded from file only once in a thread safe way.
All DLLs are now strong named.

Feb-24-2020   V3.3
Github UA Stack updates applied

Oct-24-2019   V3.2
WPF ShowBrowseTree modified with the option to include the Types node as in the Forms BrowseTree.
All ShowBrowseTreeXXX classes now have the same Show() methods overloads to show the tree with or without root node.
ReadNode() did not correctly return the MinimumSamplingInterval value.

Oct-16-2019   V3.1.2
The assembly EasyUAbase.dll is built with UaBase.Net4.dll V4.1

Sep-27-2019   V3.1.1
In the WPF DLL some notification handlers didn't get called.
CreateCertificate was done with local time instead UTC.

July-27-2019    V3.1
Added static property  UaClient.ConfigurationFilePath to allow the configuration file to be placed anywhere.
Improvement in  localhost replacement handling.

April-26-2019   V3.0
Updated to the current OPC UA Stack.
Based on .NET4.7.2,  UA stack V1.4.354, BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll.
Enhanced certificate management for improved security.
Additional EasyUA assemblies EasyUA.Base.dll / UaBase.dll for UA client/server applications.

Mai-21-2018   V2.4
The application certificate was not always created with the configured subject name.
UaInspect test client username credentials handling improved.

Jan-19-2018    V2.3
Helper methods added for configuration and Certificate management.

Aug-31-2017   V2.2.0.1
The configuration utilities are updated to the V3.1.342 UA stack. Certificates created with a previous UA stack version are not compatible (Sha256 signature required) and need to be re-created.

Aug-25-2017      V2.2
With UA Stack V1.3.342
BrowseTree handles 'isAbsolute' NodeIds and copies the NamespaceUris into the NodeElement objects.

Apr-26-2017      V2.1
BrowseTree could fail due to null elements in the browse result.
Reconnect handling improved.

Mar-11-2017    V2.0 
Updated to Visual Studio 2017

Jan-5-2017      V1.0
Initial release.