EasyUA Client SDK Version Log

EasyUA Client SDK

April-26-2019   V3.0
Updated to the current OPC UA Stack.
Based on .NET4.7.2,  UA stack V1.4.354, BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll.
Enhanced certificate management for improved security.
Additional EasyUA assemblies EasyUA.Base.dll / UaBase.dll for UA client/server applications.

Mai-21-2018   V2.4
The application certificate was not always created with the configured subject name.
UaInspect test client username credentials handling improved.

Jan-19-2018    V2.3
Helper methods added for configuration and Certificate management.

Aug-31-2017   V2.2.0.1
The configuration utilities are updated to the V3.1.342 UA stack. Certificates created with a previous UA stack version are not compatible (Sha256 signature required) and need to be re-created.

Aug-25-2017      V2.2
With UA Stack V1.3.342
BrowseTree handles 'isAbsolute' NodeIds and copies the NamespaceUris into the NodeElement objects.

Apr-26-2017      V2.1
BrowseTree could fail due to null elements in the browse result.
Reconnect handling improved.

Mar-11-2017    V2.0 
Updated to Visual Studio 2017

Jan-5-2017      V1.0
Initial release.