OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit Version Log

DANSrv Version Information

Feb-12-2022    V9.6.0.1
The test clients are updated to connect servers with the higher security INTEGRITY authentication level.

Jun-30-2021    V9.6
The DANSrvUA.Net4 executable is updated to match the uaPLUS server SDK V8.6.
The assemblies uaPLUSdll.Net4.dll and UaBase.Net4.dll need to copied from the uaPLUS SDK for the DA/UA combination server.

Feb-1-2021     V9.5
GetStatus now returns the file version number of NSPluginNet4.dll instead of the DANSrv executable.
OPC DA V3 Browse() could block other calls for branches with thousands of items. Browsing such branches is still slow. Better structure the items into multiple branches.

Nov-12-2019   V9.4.2
Improvement in SetItemValue: prevent memory leak on calls with  invalid handle.
On service creation the service path is quoted to prevent virus security warnings.
Jun-17-2019    V9.4.1
Bug fixes in DANSrvUaNet.exe: Server DCOM registration could be with wrong CLSID.
DeleteItem() didn't delete the node in the UA server.

Apr-25-2019    V9.4
Added support for Visual Studio 2019. DANSrvUaNet.exe built with uaPLUS V8.0.

Jun-4-2018    V9.2
For DANSrvUA: optional NSPlugin methods added:  VerifyPassword, GetUaRootNodeName

Sep-12-2017    V9.1.1
Memory leak fixed in GetItemProperties().

Aug-31-2017    V9.1
Built with Visual Studio 2017 and the newest C++ libraries.
Exceptions in client shutdown notification callbacks could cause the server not to shut down.

Mar-10-2017    V9.0
Updated to Visual Studio 2017. Support for .NET2 discontinued.
The V3 Browse() method did incorectly handle the NSPlugin call returning ContinuationPoint==null as an indication for MoreElements.

Aug-27-2016   V8.2.1
GetServerInstanceInfo() implementation improved to prevent exceptions because of calls with an invalid instanceHandle.

Apr-30-2016    V8.2
DANSrvUA enhanced to support all DANSrv Professional Edition features with the uaPLUS plug-in server.

Mar-10-2016    V8.1
DANSrvUA added to the Professional edition. The generic server version works with the uaPLUS server Toolkit generic DLL server to support OPC UA in addition to Classic OPC DA.
Registering the server with /Service /AutoStart now immediately starts the service.

Dec-14-2015    V8.0.3
Bug fix in RemoveItems with update mode MANYITEMS for cases where the client added the item more than once to the group and then removed one.
500ms sleep in Delete Group removed unless update mode is MANYITEMS.
Generic server calls (e.g. SetItemValue) are not executed after ShutdownSignal() to prevent crashes due to NSPlugin.dll misbehavior.

Sep-12-2015   V8.0.2
The bug in the item attributes enumeration was not fully fixed.

Sep-10-2015   V8.0.1
GetItemAttributes failed because of incorrect struct alignment.
Installer did incorrectly check the installed Visual Studio versions.

Aug-15-2015   V8.0
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2015, .NET4.6 and Windows 10.

Jul-13-2015    V7.4
The BrowseOPCItemIDs result is alphabetically sorted.
Array element pseudo items capability added. With mode 'ItemNameSpecialsMode' selected in NSPlugin.dll the item ID syntax xxx[nn] refers to the element nn in the array value item xxx.

Sep-22-2014   V7.3
Support for Visual Studio 2013 added.
DA/AE combo: ServerInstancesChange() handling corrected and improved.

Dec-5-2013     V7.2
Custom feature for array element item ID syntax added.
Bug fix: Memory leak in WriteVQT with server configured for CacheUpdateMode == Custom
Bug fix: ReadMaxAge could leak memory

Jun-12-2013    V7.1.2
Writing an invalid string to an EUtype Enumerated item did return error OPC_E_RANGE instead of OPC_E_BADTYPE.
Empty strings in the EUType enumeration are now allowed. Not all indices in the enumeration need to be valid.
Possible deadlock in 'Many Items' update mode fixed.
Bug fix: Read requests with invalid handles could cause an exception.

Mar-22-2013   V7.1.1
Bug fix in 64bit server registration as Windows Service.
Bug fix in client callback handling for some array values.

Feb-8-2013    V7.1
OPC Fundation 32/64bit Core Components V3.0.105.1 included in the distribution. Advosol 64bit Core Components discontinued.
Added support for branch-items (branches that are also items).

Sep-4-2012    V7.0.0.1
Updated to support Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and .NET4.5

Apr-21-2012   V6.3
Improvments in the thread synchronization of the Professional Edition "Many Items" update handling.

Jan-10-2012   V6.1.3
The X64 Net4 generic server used NSPlugin.dll instead of NSPluginNet4.dll as documented.

Aug-27-2011  V6.1.0.1
The included C++ Redistributables were the wrong version.

Jun-27-2011   V6.1
Some memory allocations didn't check for out-of-memory errors. In rare memory overload situations this could cause access violation crashes.
GetItemProperties in Virtual browse mode returned S_OK instead of S_FALSE on some errors.
The Visual Studio 2003 and .NET1.1 related files are removed from the distribution.

Dec-16-2010    V6.0.3
Memory leak fixed in Write of items with the canonical data type 'string'.
Bug fix: The ServerInstancehandle was incremented twice and therefore the handle passed in WriteItems() didn't match the handle in passed in ServerInstancesChange().
Connect requests are declined while the server is shutting down.

Sep-2-2010     V6.0.1
Bug fix: The PropertyItemScanThread was not stopped on stop of the server running as a service.
Bug fix in IOPCBrose.GetProperties(): item values were not refreshed in case dwPropertyCount==0 (all)
Bug fix: The Standard Edition did fully start the server even without the /FullStart option specified.

Jun-17-2010 V6.0
Added support for .NET4 and Visual Studio 2010.
LookupItemIds can be handled in multiple modes, in the generic server or in the plug-in.
Bug fix in QueryEventAttributes. Some types were incorrectly converted from the .NET types.

Apr-27-2010    V5.4.4
Bug fix in GetProperties (DA V3)
- BrowseMode VIRTUAL: a superfluous FreeMemory call caused exception in X64 mode.
- BrowseMode REAL: ValidateItem() was not called in ALWAYS mode.
AddItems() for property items (from LookupItemIDs) improved.
Wizard code for GetItemProperties() method improved.

Mar-23-2010    V5.4.3
Bug fix in x64 generic server: Unregister didn't remove all X64 registry definitions.

Mar-11-2010    V5.4.2
Callback memory allocation handling improved because of issues with Windows7 x64.

Jan-23-2010    V5.4.1
Bug in DA V3 GetProperties() could cause an exception.
On Windows7-x64 the new project wizard was not correctly installed into VisualStudio.

Sep-23-2009   V5.4
Support for LookupItemIDs added. This OPC feature allows item properties to be read in the same ways as item values. LookupItemIDs is completely handled in the generic server DANSrv.exe. No changes are required in the application plug-in DLL.

Mai-23-2009  V5.3.1
Performance improved for client Read calls with a large number if items.

Jun-6-2008    V5.3
Improved support for multi-dimensional array type item values, including deadband handling for items with EU type 'Analog'.
A modification in V5.1.1 could cause the modes configuration settings ClientUpdateMode and WriteCacheUpdateMode to be reset to the default values.

Mar-3-2008   V5.2.2
Bug fix in GetServerInstanceInfo.

Jan-18-2008 V5.2.1
Startup error reporting improved. Connect returns error code returned in NSPlugin methods instead of E_FAIL.
The WriteItems plugin method was called with the group object locked. Long executing Write handling could therefore delay client callbacks for this group.

Jan-7-2008      V5.2
Visual Studio 2008 support added.
Bug fix: Memory leak in GetItemInfo()

Dec-13-2007     V5.1.2
In the plug-in requested shutdown the generic server now calls ShutdownSignal() to reduce special handling in plug-in DLL;
Registry access denied errors could hang the server in register/unregister operation.
V5.1.1 was built on Vista and did not execute on some XP systems due to missing files.

Nov-22-2007    V5.1.1
Bug fix: RemoveGroup client calls could rarely deadlock with the client callback handling.
Command line argument /FullStart starts full server operation without a connected client.

Sep-14-2007    V5.1
New features for client idetification in the plug-in methods ValidateItems() and WriteItems() and new generic server method GetServerInstanceInfo().
Improvements in item properties handling.
Buf fix: Server disconnect during client callback handling could crash the server.

Jun-27-2007    V5.0.1
Browse() DA V3 method improved to handle continuation point passed as pointer to undefined string. The UA SDK server does this and caused a null reference exception in DANSrv.
64-bit mode also tested on Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard X64.

Mar-8-2007    V5.0
Upgraded for and tested with Windows Vista and Vista-64

2-15-2006      V4.3.1
The wrong documentation files were in the distribution, describing only the NSPlugin interface.
Command line option /AutoStart added for the server registration as a service. Before, the service was always created for manual start mode.

12-15-2006      V4.3
A 64-bit version of the DANSrv.exe generic server is included. The 64-bit operation is tested with the current version V2.12 of the OPC Foundation Compliance Test Tool, so far only on a machine with AMD Turion 64 X2 processor and Windows XP 64-bit edition. The 64-bit generic server works with the same Framework 2.0 compiled customization modules as the 32-bit edition. No adaptation are required regarding gthe generic server interface. The 64-bit edition is OPC compliance tested on an XP Professional 64-bit edition system.

For the sample applications the default compiler is now Visual Studio 8(2005) and the DANSrv.exe generic server version for .NET Framework 2.0. The Visual Studio 2003 wizards and projects for the sample applications are still provided.

The DANSrv.exe for .NET Framework 1.1 is in the Framework1.1 setup subdirectory. Framework 1.1 based test clients can be found in the tools subdirectory.

11-4-2006    V4.2.5
InstallWizardExtension.exe modified to work with Visual Studio VB Express.
The FW2 version of the generic server (DANSrv.exe) expected the customization DLL name NSPluginVS8.dll instead of NSPlugin.dll.

Jul-1-2006    V4.2.4
Additional checks to allow the item value to be null (undefined).

Jun-3-2006    V4.2.3.1
Project wizard did not create sample code for custom properties definition/handling.
The Setup failed to plug the documentation into Visual Studio Help.
The PostBuild.bat file was missing in the source of some sample servers.
New version of OpcSecurityAnalyzer supports the Windows XP SP2 Firewall.

May-10-2006 V4.2.3
Project wizard updated to match a renamed setup directory.

Apr-12-2006   V4.2.2
GetItemInfo did not correctly return the type of array type items.

Mar-11-2006   V4.2.1
In the VS2005 version the Professional Edition 'virtual mode' GetProperties caused IEnumOPCItemAttributes to fail.

Feb-24-2006   V4.2
New Installer tool that installs the software indepent of the .NET Framework version.
The server registration is extended to write the AppID value in the AppID 'exe name' key.
Improvements in ConfigBuilder.

Feb-03-2006     V4.1.1
In the evaluation version setup the Visual Studio 8 C# project template was missing (VB template instead).

Jan-0-2006        V4.1
Wizard adapted for Visual Studio 2005 release version.
PostBuild step did not copy files when the the Visual Studio option ‘Create a new directory for solution’ was checked.
VB Wizard template code contained some C# test code.

10/21/2005        V4.0.1
A VS2005 related bug in the string class caused crash in dynamic item handling operation mode.

10/08/2005        V4.0
Support for .NET Framework 2.0 / Visual Studio 2005 added.
Project wizards and Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2005.

08/03/2005      V3.3.2
In update mode 'ManyItems' (Professional Edition only) the update timing was in some cases not OPC compliant.

07/07/2005      V3.3.1
The scan rate property was (in some cases) returned as an Int32 instead of a float type value.

06/20/2005     V3.3
Can be extended with the DANSrvAE option to support additonally the OPC Alarms&Events specification 1.1.
Addtional sample application with .NET Remoting data exchange with other applications.


12-23-04       V3.2.5
In some combinations of group/item activations/inactivations the item usage was not correctly tracked ( Professional Edition only feature).

12-14-04        V3.2.4
Unregistration did not delete the ProgID registry entries due to a recent change.

11-18-04       V3.2.3
Minor bug fixes

09-18-04     V3.2.2
Company name changed to Advosol Inc. Copyright notices and URL's updated.

8-29-04      V3.2.1
When running as service the cache was re-initialized after all clients had disconnected. Now the cache is initialized only once ( calls plugin GetsServerparameters, CreateSerrverItems, ..), when the service starts. When the service is stopped ( e.g. with Services Manager ) then the plugin and the clients Shutdown method is called.
Some bug fixes in the sample applications.

8-9-04   V3.2
The generic server supports two additional mode selections:
  - Client update handling (DataChange Callbacks) optimized for either high troughput or a large number of items in client groups (>10000)
  - Cache update in client write calls handled either in the generic server or the customization
The default configuration methods read the server registration definitions and server parameters from the configuration file AppSettings section.
Bug fixed in wizard HTML page 2.
Instructions for using OPC via DCOM in XP with SP2 added to distribution.

7-22-04 V3.1.2
Memory leak fixed in Read/DataChange handling of string items.
Browsing now works with Matrikon OPC Explorer client.

7-14-04 V3.1.1
The virtual address space browse functions (Professional Edition feature) were disabled.

7-10-04 V3.1
First V3 release version.
Bug fix: Activate item did not force callback.

7-05-04 V3.0.2 Beta
Performance improved in situations with a large number of items in one branch.

6-18-04 V3.0.1 Beta
Additional sample applications with serial and TCP device communication.
Issue with ':' character in Item ID resolved.

6-10-04 V3.0 Beta
Major update with new OPC DA V2/V3 compliant generic server and improved customization interface.

7-07-04 V2.2.2
The customization method RefreshInputs() was defined faulty in the VB sample and VB wizard template. The second parameter has to be ByVal instead of ByRef.

5-24-04 V2.2.1
A file was missing in the Professional edition setup

11-12-03    V2.2
Supports an additional GetServerParameters() customization method overload to be fully compatible with the Customizable XML-DA Server.
The customization can override the default '.' branch separator character.
Bug fix in ConfigBuilder Item Properties Definition Dialog

09-17-03   V2.1
Minor bug fixes and an new Professional Edition with additional features for:
a) update optimization depending on the item currently referenced by clients
b) ConfigBuilder tool/class for creating/loading XML item definition files

08-06-03   V2.0.2
The Wizards didn't work on systems with only VS.NET 2003 installed

08-04-03 V2.0
The generic server is compiled with Visual Studio .Net 2003 and now requires Framework 1.1 on the target system.
New virtual address space browse methods with an additional parameter.
The old methods are still supported but should not be used in new applications

07-29-03 V1.3.2
Help and Wizards can be installed into multiple VS.NET versions.

04-30-03 V1.3.1
Error in VB sample project corrected

03-19-03 V1.3
Customization method ValidateItem changed to handle an array of items. This can improve performance
significantly when the validation involves a slow communication.

03-08-03 V1.2
Customization module interface extended to support item properties

01-27-03 V1.12
Correction in Help TOC, ReadHWInputs added.

01-14-03 V1.11
Evaluation distribution contained old version of CSSampleApp and VBSampleAPP
CSSampleAppDyn and VBSampleAppDyn: Correction in BrowseGetFullItemID() for branches in root branch

12-06-02 V1.1
Added support for dynamic address space and virtual space browsing

11-29-02 V1.0
Initial Release