UAtoCOM Version Log

UAtoCOM Converter UA Server

V4.0     March-27-2019
Built with UA Stack V1.4.354 for .NET Framework 4.7.2.  
HTTP connection not supported anymore. Known issue with HTTPS connections. Use Opc.Tcp communication.
Additional configuration options for the certificate handling.

V3.3     Mai-24-2018
UaInspect included as an improved UA test client.
The application certificate creation didn't always use the configured subject name.
The HDA node manager used a wrong predefined nodes definition.

V3.2     Aug-27-2017
Built with UA Stack V1.3.342

V3.1        Mai-23-2017
Implemented enable/disable diagnostics.

Jan-20-2017    V2.8.1 
Added Timer for item removal from ComDaRWGroup cache. Optional AppSettings definition "DA2RWItemCacheInterval" (default is 10000 ms).
This feature is needed/used only with OPC DA servers without OPC DA V3 ItemIO capability.

Oct-22-2016    V2.8 
Built with UA Stack V1.3.340

Oct-10-2016     V2.7.3
Built with ComInteropLib V2.7.3 / UA Stack V1.2.336.1.
Adapted for OPC Foundation LDS instead of Advosol UA Discovery Server.
Version info Eval/licensed log added.
Modifications based on CTT tests.

Feb-21-2016     V2.7
Built with UA Stack V1.2.336.
Added 'Move rejected certifcate' in Config utility

Mar-31-2015    V2.6 
Built with UA Stack V1.2.335.
Read handling improved for read from device based on maxAge.
AE PublishingInterval min. limit lowered from 1000ms to 50ms.
SecurityPolicy handling in config Utility corrected and improved.

Apr-28-2014    V2.3 
Browse and read performance improved.
IOPCSecurityPrivate errors are ignored (no error logging for performance)

Feb-11-2014    V2.2.2
DA values with bad quality were null.

Feb-11-2014    V2.2.1.1   
The included test client applications had a run-time restriction.

Feb-7-2014      V2.2.1
Updated to the OPC Foundation UA Communication Stack V1.2.334.6
Improvements in HDA handling. Bug fixes in the configuration utility.

Jun-10-2013     V2.0
Based on the OPC Foundation UA Communication Stack V1.2.334
Replaces the OPC Foundation UA COM Interop distribution.