OPC AE .NET Server Toolkit Version Log

DANSrvAE Version Information

Feb-12-2022    V9.6.0.1
The test client isupdated to connect servers with the higher security INTEGRITY authentication level.

Feb-1-2021     V9.5
GetStatus now returns the file version number of NSPluginNet4.dll instead of the DANSrv executable.
OPC DA V3 Browse() could block other calls for branches with thousands of items. Browsing such branches is still slow. Better structure the items into multiple branches.

Nov-12-2019   V9.4.2
On service creation the service path is quoted to prevent virus security warnings.
Apr-25-2019    V9.4
Updated to match the DANSrv base product. No AE related changes.

Sep-21-2018    V9.2.1
The sample servers didn't send 'condition inactive' events.

Jun-5-2018     V9.2
Updated to match the DANSrv base product. No AE related changes.

Aug-31-2017    V9.1
Built with Visual Studio 2017 and the newest C++ libraries.

Mar-10-2017    V9.0
Updated to Visual Studio 2017. Support for .NET2 discontinued.

Aug-27-2016  V8.2.1
GetServerInstanceInfo() implementation improved to prevent exceptions because of calls with an invalid instanceHandle.

Apr-30-2016   V8.2
Registering the server with /Service /AutoStart now immediately starts the service.

Dec-14-2015   V8.0.3
Bug fixes for DA functionality in the generic server.

Sep-12-2015   V8.0.2
The bug in the DA item attributes enumeration was not fully fixed.

Sep-10-2015   V8.0.1
DA GetItemAttributes failed because of incorrect struct alignment.
Installer did incorrectly check the installed Visual Studio versions.

Aug-14-2015   V8.0
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2015, .NET4.6 and Windows 10.

Jul-22-2015    V7.4.0.1
Setup corrected, NSPluginNet4.dll was missing in the sample executable directory, causing the sample execution to fail without rebuild.

Jul-13-2015     V7.4
Features added in the DA server.

Sep-22-2014    V7.3
Support for Visual Studio 2013 added.
ServerInstancesChange() handling corrected and improved.

Dec-5-2013     V7.2
Bug fixes in the DA part of the generic server.

Jun-12-2013    V7.1.2
Writing an invalid string to an EUtype Enumerated item did return error OPC_E_RANGE instead of OPC_E_BADTYPE.
Empty strings in the EUType enumeration are now allowed. Not all indices in the enumeration need to be valid.
Possible deadlock in 'Many Items' update mode fixed.
Bug fix: Read requests with invalid handles could cause an exception.Mar-22-2013   V7.1.1
Bug fix in 64bit server registration as Windows Service.

Sep-3-2012    V7.1
CreateSubscription() success return codes were not returned to client.

Sep-4-2012    V7.0
Updated to support Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and .NET4.5

Apr-21-2012    V6.3
Improvements in the Condition and acknowledge handling in the AE sample servers.

Jan-10-2012    V6.1.3
The X64 Net4 generic server used NSPlugin.dll instead of NSPluginNet4.dll as documented.

Oct-20-2011    V6.1.2
NSPluginAEbase.dll version mix fixed in the evaluation distribution.
VS2010/Net4 sample server projects were not completely adapted to .NET4.
Quality was not set in condition event notifications.

Aug-31-2011   V6.1.1
Bug fix in the AE sample servers to set the event severity.
NSPluginAEbase.dll interface method onCreateEventCondition() parameter changed from string type to EventSource.

Jun-27-2011   V6.1
Some memory allocations didn't check for Out-of-memory error. In rare memory overload situations this could cause access violation crashes.
GetItemProperties in Virtual browse mode returned S_OK instead of S_FALSE on some errors.
The Visual Studio 2003 and .NET1.1 related files are removed from the distribution.

Dec-16-2010   V6.0.3
Bug fixes in the DA server functionality.

Sep-2-2010    V6.0.1
Bug fix in the DA functionality
- The PropertyItemScanThread was not stopped on stop of the server running as a service.
- In IOPCBrose.GetProperties(): item values were not refreshed in case dwPropertyCount==0 (all)
- The Standard Edition did fully start the server even without the /FullStart option specified.

Jun-17-2010 V6.0
Added support for .NET4 and Visual Studio 2010.

Apr-27-2010    V5.4.4
Updated to match DANSrv V5.4.4

Mar-23-2010    V5.4.3
Bug fix in x64 generic server: Unregister didn't remove all X64 registry definitions.

Mar-11-2010    V5.4.2
Callback memory allocation handling improved because of issues with Windows7 x64.
Memory leak fixed for strings in OnEvent callback.

Jan-14-2010    V5.4.1
Bug fix in GetConditionState()

Sep-23-2009   V5.4
Updated to DANSrv V5.4

Mai-23-2009  V5.3.1
CreateSubscription did incorrectly handle the S_FALSE return value from NSPlugin.dll.

Jun-6-2008   V5.3
Improved support for multi-dimensional array type DA item values, including deadband handling for items with EU type 'Analog'.
A modification in V5.1.1 could cause the modes configuration settings ClientUpdateMode and WriteCacheUpdateMode to be reset to the default values.

Mar-3-2008   V5.2.2
Disconnect OPC DA client did terminate the server even when AE client connected.
Bug fix in GetServerInstanceInfo.
New sample applications with a simple Wizard created DA server part and added AE sample code.

Jan-18-2008   V5.2.1
Visual Studio 2008 support added.
Bug fix: Memory leak in GetItemInfo()
Startup error reporting improved. Connect returns error code returned in NSPlugin methods instead of E_FAIL.

Dec-13-2007   V5.1.2
In plug-in requested shutdown the generic server now calls ShutdownSignal() to reduce special handling in plug-in DLL;
Registry access denied errors could hang the server in register/unregister operation.
V5.1.1 was built on Vista and did not execute on some XP systems due to missing files.

Nov-22-2007   V5.1.1
Updated to match DANSrv V5.1.1. The Advosol OPC Core Components now support 32-bit and 64-bit mode.
Command line argument /FullStart starts full server operation without a connected client.

Mar-8-2007    V5.0
Upgraded for and tested with Windows Vista and Vista-64.
On Vista-64 with tested with VS 2005 SP1 and the beta release of the VS 2005 SP1 updates for Vista and encountered some application crashes that looked like a beta issue.

12-30-2006     V4.3
A 64-bit version of the DANSrvAE.exe generic server is included.

11-4-2006       V4.2.5
The FW2 version of the generic server (DANSrvAE.exe) expected the customization DLL name NSPluginVS8.dll instead of NSPlugin.dll.

Apr-12-2006     V4.2.2
The OnEvent data for simple and tracking events now has the full source name.

Mar-12-2006     V4.2.1
There is a single callback for each Refresh request (no packing) to satisfy the CTT callback count test case.

Jan-03-2006        V4.1
Wizard adapted for Visual Studio 2005 release version.
PostBuild step did not copy files when the the Visual Studio option ‘Create a new directory for solution’ was checked.
VB Wizard template code contained some C# test code.

10/21/2005        V4.0.1
A VS2005 related bug in the string class caused crash in dynamic item handling operation mode.

10/08/2005       V4.0
Added support for .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
The sample server plug-in projects are provided for Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.
The generic server is provided in a version for .Net Framework 1.1 and one for 2.0

8/28/2005       V3.3.2
This is the initial product version of the A&E Add-In. It has the same version number as the base DANSrv OPC DA server.

6/16/2005       Beta Version