OPC Security Analyzer Version Log

OPC Security Analyzer

Feb-12-2022    V5.4
Higher Authentication levels defined and PacketIntegrity set as default

Mai-25-2021    V5.3
Net4-X86 version added

Mar-10-2020   V5.2.3
Server enumeration didn't handle null results

Dec-8-2017     V5.2.2
The distribution executable didn't save/load the options XML file.

Mar-11-2015   V5.2.1
AE Subcription handling code was old version with bugs that could cause unhandled exceptions.

Jun-26-2011 V5.1.2
Conversion of decimal error codes as 64bit to also accept positive numbers as shown in Windowas error log.

Jun-26-2011   V5.1.1
Bug fix in 'Diagonse Server Access' on 64bit machines

Mar-22-2011   V5.1
Several diagnostic features enhanced.
Eventlog display filtered to prevent long delays with large logs.

Feb-19-2011   V5.0
Enhanced with features for 64bit machines.

Sep-9-2009     V4.1
Updated to the newest DA/HDA/AE client components.
Version for .NET1.1 is dropped.

Oct-15-2007   V4.0.2
Credentials used for OpcServerBrowser()

Mai-3-2007     V4.0.1
The datachange callback handler shows null values as ""

Mar-7-2007     V3.1.3
Bug fixes. Automatic elevation request for Vista.

Feb-20-2007     V3.1.1
Bug fix in EventLog display. Check of Local Security Settings added.

Feb-19-2007     V3.1
EventLog support added. The event log entries on the local or a remote machine can be viewed with an optional filter for DCOM events only.
The server access diagnostic now checks the event logs on the local and the server machine and displays DCOM entries created by the OPC server access. This useful information tends to get often overlooked.

Feb-12-2007     V3.0
DCOM configuration displayed in tables and other enhancements.

Jun-3-2006      V2.0
Windows XP SP2 Firewall support added

Mar-28-2005     V1.0