XMLDA.NET Version Log

XMLDA.NET CLient Component

Feb-15-2022   V7.1
For DA server access, the default DCOM authentication level is increased to PacketIntegrity.

Jun-20-2014    V6.2
Support for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 added.
Bug fix for 64bit operation in Write() and QueryAvailableLocaleIDs().

Jun-16-2012    V6.1.3
Bug fix in Subscribe in DA Gateway. The quality was not always set in the returned values of the Subscribe method.
Bug fix in DA Gateway subscription cancellation. Cancelling the last subscription and immediately creating a new one could cause the number of threads to increase.

Mar-19-2012    V6.1.1
Bug fix in 64bit handling of AddItems/ValidateItems in the OPC DA wrapper.

Mar-14-2012    V6.1
ReadWriteTimeout property added in XmlServer class to give the application control over this timeout in addition to the request timeout.

Jan-25-2011    V6.0.1
The WCF version could leak memory because the WCF channel was not always closed.

Sep-3-2010     V6.0
Enhanced with support for .NET4 and Visual Studio 2010

Jul-14-2009     V5.0
.NET3 WPF support added. The DataBind and BrowseTree classes now also work in .NET3 WPF desktop and browser applications.

Nov-16-2008   V4.3.3
Async Read/Write sample added.
Bug fix: Method dagateway.Browse() threw null reference exception in ResizeErrorList

Nov-2-2008     V4.3.2
Evaluation setup file with password.

Aug-22-2008    V4.3.1
XmlServer.BrowseTree() was limited to 1000 nodes per branch.

Apr-4-2007      V4.3
Support for Visual Studio 2008 added.
BrowseTree handling enhanced for XML DA servers that limit the number of items in the browse result (e.g. Siemens).
Quality=null is handled as 'good'.

Sep-3-2007     V4.2
The executables (exe/dll) and the the setup package are now Authenticode signed.

Bug fix in SubscriptionPolledRefresh with multiple subscriptions

Jun-6-2007      V4.1
The read/write handling of the built-in OPC DA wrapper is optimized for a performance comparable to that of an OPC DA .NET wrapper.
Support for WSE3 is dropped. Use the .NET3 WCF features instead.

Mar-26-2007    V4.0
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) support added. Applications can reference XmlDaNetWCF.dll instead of XmlDaNet.dll to use WCF communication for access to .NET2, WSE3 or WCF based XML DA servers.

Feb-28-2007    V3.4
Tested on Windows Vista 32-bit, not yet on Vista 64-bit.
Implementation of the XML server access timeout property improved.
Product version information utility added.

Dec-27-2006    V3.3
The OPC DA wrapper supports 32-bit and 64-bit operation.
The XmlServer.Dispose method now supports OPC DA server and disconnects the server.
Bug fix in subscription thread timing.

Dec-9-2006      V3.2.1
Bug fix in subscription Ping handling of the OPC DA wrapper.

Sep-30-2006    V3.2
Added a wrapper version compiled for WSE3.0 for secure web service access.
Browse bug fixed in FW2.0 version.

Jul-03-2006      V3.1
New Installer tool that works with .Net Framework 1.1 and/or Framework 2.0.
VS 2005 Code Snippets for all server access methods.

01-02-2006      V3.0
Visual Studio 2005 support added.
Help as Windows CHM file and as Help2 Collection that plugs into Visual Studio.

11-15-2005        V2.2.3
In SubscriptionCancel the ClientRequestHandle parameter is not compared anymore to the one defined in the Subscription call.
Bug fix in ListBuilder (file name construction failed when application runs in different AppDomain). Absolut file path required!
The server returned fastest update rate is checked for 0 to prevent division by 0 if server incorrectly returns the rate as 0.
Trial version didn't terminate all threads on disconnect.
Subscription handling could throw a null reference exception in some error situations.

4-16-2005      V2.2
XML DA simulation server added as a test tool.
Bug fixes: The ListBuilder did create a test node in the XML file.
ProgIDs in the form \\machine\server were not handled as //machine/server.
The Test Client did not correctly handle the machine name if credentials were defined.

V2.1.4    Feb-12-05
Secondary threads did not correctly impersonate the client. ItemPath passed to OPC server as AccessPath.

V2.1.3   1-31-05   
Bug fix: SubscriptionPolledRefresh did not correctly return the server error state and item quality BAD in case of interrupted OPC DA server access.
The subscription poll handler did not always correctly reconnect to the server after OP DA server access failures.
The product version XmlDaNet.dll had a time restriction of the trial version.

V2.1.2    1-26-05     
Bug fixes: The BrowseTree mouse handler did throw a null reference exception if the TreeView control was clicked while not on a node.
ShowBrowseTree and ShowBrowseTreeList did not correctly change the TreeView event handler if the TreeView control was used for multiple servers.

V2.1.1     1-23-05 
Inconsistencies in the ASP.NET sample clients corrected.

V2.1     1-4-2005    
Additional configuration options for delay times after Connect/AddItems OPC server calls. Some OPC servers require delays. E.g. the Matrikon simulation server needs a delay of 500 ms or more after AddItems to a group before read operations work correctly. Another possibility is to set the the configuration option 'OpcDaReadFromDevice' to force all reads made from device. Another and may be the best possibility is to use the MaxAge parameter in the read call. With MaxAge=0 a read from device is executed.
The definition is added to the web.config file of the sample applications. Without this line and the system default set to false, access to remote OPC servers may be denied because the access is made from the user ASPNET and this user has a different password on the other computer.

V2.0     11-14-04   
DataBind Subscription. added.

02-02-04   V1.2
Additional ASP.NET sample applications
Embedded ListBuilder definitions load correctly also in ASP.NET applications

11-30-03 V1.1
Additional sample applications

11-18-03 V1.0.2
New 'ReadFromDevice' configuration option for OPC DA server reads.
Bug fix in GetProperties from OPC Server.

10-24-03 V1.0
First Release