OPC HDA .NET Server Toolkit Version Log

OPC HDA .NET Server Toolkit

Feb-18-2022  V6.2.1.1
The included utilities are updated to the higher security DCOM Authentication level PacketIntegrity.

Aug-6-2020   V6.2.1
Bug fix to prevent occasional access violation exception at shutdown.

Mar-19-2020   V6.2
The Professional Edition setup had falsely some Standard Edition files.

Mar-16-2018   V6.1.0.1
File was missing in distribution. Tested with Visual Studio 2019.

Mar-19-2018   V6.1
Sample solutions modified to build with VisualStudio 2010 .. 2015.
The C# sample source code was missing in the standard edition setup.

Aug-24-2017   V6.0.1
The Server object release did release Browser that were not released by the client. This could cause access violation errors if the client released the Browser object after the Server object. To prevent this, this server doesn't release the Browser objects anymore. As a consequence there is the possibility for memory leaks if the clients fail to release the Browser objects.

Mar-14-2016    V6.0
The implementation of the plug-in assemblies has been updated from the initial C#/VB.Net capabilities to more recent versions with interface definitions, partial classes and generic lists. The code is now easier to understand but some code changes are required to update previous implementations.
The support for .NET2 has been dropped. All executables are for the .NET4.x platform.

Oct-10-2015     V5.3
Samples provided with solutions for Visual Studio 2015.
Bug fix in base plug-in DLL: upper bound was missing with the requested range beyond the data.

Jul-23-2015      V5.2.2.1
Setup corrected, some DLLs were old versions.

Mar-21-2015     V5.2.2
Correction in base plug-in DLL ReadRaw bounding value handling.
Change in generic server: String format time arguments with a NUL string are handled as unspecified time instead of NOW.
Change in base plug-in DLL: Quality changed to NOBOUND from NODATA.

Sep-18-2014     V5.2
Server registration now doesn't set key HKCR\progid\OPC because OpcEnum considers this as an indication for OPC DA1.0 functionality.
CreateBrowser code improved to prevent exception if plug-in returns errors==Null
Built with HDAPlugin.dll V5.2 / HDAPluginUser.dll V1.2

Sep-4-2014      V5.1.0.1
Server registration now doesn't set key HKCR\progid\OPC because OpcEnum considers this as an indication for OPC DA1.0 functionality.

Apr-30-2014     V5.0.4
Bug fix in relative HDA time handling. In expressions other than NOW the local time was used instead of UTC.
CreateBrowser returns warning OPC_W_NOFILTER only if a filter is requested.

Sep-10-2013   V5.0.3
Error handling improved in OPC server category registration to prevent possible access violation exception.
Bug fix: Releasing multiple Browser instances could cause the server to fail with an access violation exception.

Feb-9-2013   V5.0.1
OPC Fundation 32/64bit Core Components V3.0.105.1 included in the distribution. Advosol 64bit Core Components discontinued.

Sep-5-2012   V5.0
Updated with support for Vidual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5 and Windows 8

Jul-14-2012   V4.1.4
In the Professional Edition sample server projects the PROFED symbol was missing in the Build properties.
AddRef/Release added in the Advise/UnAdvise handling because of issues with a specific client.

Apr-2-2012    V4.1.3
Browsing improved to cover the particularities of the OPC Foundation UA Wrapper server.
Test client improved with simplified browsing.

Mar-14-2012   V4.1.2
Client callback errors were not always returned to the plug-in DLL.

Jun-18-2011   V4.1
Browse implementation improved by eliminating static (VB shared) methods (new CreateBrowser method overload).

Mar-14-2011   V4.0.1
The server executables for .NET2 actually required .NET4

Mar-5-2011    V4.0
Upgraded to support .NET4 and Visual Studio 2010.
Registration error reporting in MessageBox eliminated.

Aug-30-2009   V3.0.1
HDAException catching in added in the base layer DLL. The user layer DLL can throw a HDAException to report errors in the database access. The base layer reports these errors to the client in the result data structure of the proper item.

Jun-12-2009   V3.0
The Plugin DLL is split into a base DLL and user DLL to simplify the usage.
Support for .NET1.1/VS2003 is dropped. Single Developer license added.
Bug fix server: The endTime argument in ReadModified and ReadAttributes was mistakenly converted to local time.
Bug Fix Test Client: Playback didn't work with multiple items

Jan-5-2009     V2.2.1
Bug fix in C#/VB.NET sample servers: ReadProcessed didn't return NODATA for intervals without data points.

Dec-3-2008     V2.2
Added support to run the server as a Windows Service (register with /Service).
Additional utilities in the distribution.

Oct-4-2008    V2.1.1
The evaluation version was by mistake debug compiled.

Jan-8-2007     V2.1
64-bit support added.

Apr-20-2006    V2.0.1
ReadAttribute did not handle time in string format.
Time arguments are now capped at DateTime.MaxValue.
New Installer tool.

Feb-3-2006    V2.0
The server is tested with Visual Studio 2005. Prokects are provided for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 for the generic server and the customization plug-in.
A Professional Edition is available that also supports the optional Update, Annotations and Playback features.

7-15-2005     V1.1.1
Bug fix in ReadRaw. A value was returned even with the start date after the end of the data set.

3-21-2005     V1.1
Added attribute value conversion to the proper type

1-10-2004     V1.0.1
Bug fix in read raw reverse with endtime and count

12-15-04    V1.0
Initial Release