OPCHDA.NET Version Log

OPCHDA.NET Client Component

Oct-20-2022    V11.4
Updated to support .NET6.

Jan-26-2022   V11.3
Default DCOM Authentication level changed to the higher security PKT_INTEGRITY level, as required by the Microsoft DCOM Hardening.
Test clients and utilities are built with PKT_INTEGRITY authentication level.

Nov-23-2021   V11.2.0.1
Old OpcNetBase.Net4.dll file was in distribution.

Nov-16-2021   V11.2
Added method ComApi.SelectAuthLevelIntegrity(). This method must be called before a call to OpcHdaServer.Connect or a call of a method in the OpcHDAServerBrowser class.
This is to select the higher authentication level required for remote server access by Windows Update KB5004442

Apr-22-2021      V11.1
Upgraded to support .NET5 (NetCore).  The OPCHDA.NET-UA add-on product has been discontinued.

July-7-10-2020   V11.0
Added DLLs for NetCore3.1.  Built with UA option V4.3

Mar-1-2020    V10.2
With UA option 4.2

Aug-3-2019     V10.1
With UA option 4.1, UA version based on NET4.7.2

Aug-29-2018    V9.3
Property ComApi.CoSetProxyBlanketDisable added with default value true.
ComApi.EnumComputers uses DirectoryServices if Win32 NetServerEnum fails.
Built with UA option V3.2.1
.NET2 DLLs included in the distribution for the maintenance of old applications.

Jan-19-2018      V9.1
Built with UA Option V3.2

Aug-24-2017      V9.0.2
BrowseTree.Show tests for null to prevent exception the TreeView.Show method.
ReadProcessed returned wrong data for items after an invalid item.

Apr-23-2017      V9.0
Added support for Visual Studio 2017.  Support for .NET2 discontinued.

Oct-22-2016   V8.4
HDAServer.UaAppConfigFileAutoCreate and onNotifyUntrustedCertificate properties added
CLSID can be specified instead of ProgID to eliminate need for OpcEnum.
Base of UA opton V2.4

Apr-14-2016   V8.2
Additional UA related properties for UA option V2.3

Oct-23-2015   V8.1
Built with UA option V2.1 (enhanced endpoint selection).
File OpcHDAWrapperWpfUA.Net4.dll was missing in distribution.

Oct-5-2015   V8.0.1
Base of UA option V2.0.1 (with bug fix in GetEnum).

Sep-3-2015   V8.0
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2015, .NET4.6 and Windows 10.

Mai-1-2014    V7.0
Upgraded to support the UA Option for access to UA servers thru the same API as Classic OPC HDA servers.

Nov-9-2013    V6.1
Updated to support Visual Studio 2013.
GetServerList() catches E_FAIL COMExceptions because OpcEnum throws an E_FAIL exception if there is no HDA server found.

Aug-1-2013    V6.0.4
GetBranchPosition call added in BrowseHDATree.Browse() to get the fully qualified branch name into the Tag property.
Bug fix in 64bit marshalling of OPCHDATime.

Feb-9-2012    V6.0.1
GetBranchPosition call added in BrowseHDATree.Browse()
OPC Fundation 32/64bit Core Components V3.0.105.1 included in the distribution. Advosol 64bit Core Components discontinued.

Sep-1-2012     V6.0
Updated to support Visual Studio 2012, .NET4.5 and Windows 8

Jan-11-2012    V5.3.1
Disconnect handling improved to prevent the possibility of hangs.
null check added in ConvertToTreeList().

Aug-16-2011    V5.3
OpcHDAWrapperNW.dll added to distribtion. This DLL has no reference to Windows.Forms. Consequently it doesn't provide the BrowseTree class.

Aug-5-2011      V5.2
GetItemAttributes() method overload added (with Type result instead of VarEnum)

Jun-28-2011    V5.1.0.1
The HDAPluginUser.dll file was missing in the test server directory.

Jun-18-2011    V5.1
Bug fixes: .NET version in description. Test client Replace and InsertReplace did use the wrong time definition.

Aug-24-2010    V5.0
Enhanced with support for .NET4 and Visual Studio 2010.
All OPCHDA.NET assemblies are additionally provided in a version compiled for .NET4.
Wizards and Help is additionally installed into Visual Studio 2010.

Feb-18-2010 V4.1.1|
On 64-bit systems the project wizard was not correctly installed into Visual Studio and the Historian test server didn't work due to a version mix.

Sep-13-2009   V4.1
Bug fix in IOPCHDA_DataCallback.OnPlayback (ptr array to result). Test Client improvements: times as UTC kind, quality as hex number.
Updated to OpcNetBase.dll V2.0

Feb-27-2009    V4.0
WPF Support added for the BrowseTree classes to display the browse result in WPF TreeView or TreeView/ListView controls.
The evaluation setup file now has a password.
Known issue: The help documentation misses the constructor overloads for WPF. VS IntelliSense shows the constructor overloads correctly.

Sep-15-2008     V3.3.2
Time arguments (UTC) were falsely converted to local time in ReaAtTime(), DeleteAtTime(), Insert().

Jul-17-2008       V3.3.1
Setup missed VS8 project file for some sample applications.

Jul-12-2008       V3.3
Added OpcNetBase.dll with common server access classes to minimize module dependencies in applications that use HDA, DA and/or AE server access (OPCHDA.NET, OPCDA.NET, OPCAE.NET).

Jan-22-2008    V3.2
Visual Studio 2008 support added.

Sep-2-2007     V3.1
The executables (exe/dll) and the the setup package are now Authenticode signed.
Connect() returns S_FALSE when AdviseIOPCShutdown/AdviseIOPCDataCallback fails.
New OpcHDAServer.ConnectStatus property contains 'Disconnected', 'Connected' or exception message.

Mar-21-2007    V3.0
Updated for Windows Vista and Vista-X64

Jan-05-2007     V2.2
OpcHDAWrapper.dll updated to support 64-bit operation
Product version test client was compiled with the wrong OpcHDAWrapper.dll. Program menu had wrong help file link.

Mar-25-2006    V2.1
New Installer, .NET Framework independent.

Feb-03-2006    V2.0.1
Bug fix in Annotations-Insert handling.

Jan-07-2006    V2.0
Visual Studio 2005 support added. Project and item templates for Visual Studio 2005.
The sample application projects are still VS2003 project. However they are tested with VS2005 and can simply be converted.

08-04-2005 V1.3
Charting library, controls and samples added.
Bug fix: the Browser returned sometimes S_FALSE with a correct browse result.
Bug fix: the test server did return a one value even with no timestamp with the time range.

5-02-2005         V1.2
Additional Quality Code helper class. Improved documentation.
New Test Server, based on the HDANSrv .Net Server Toolkit.

3-12-2005     V1.1
Browse interface improved with new method overload.

7-27-2004     V1.0.3
TestServer data file was missing in distribution

4-7-2004      V1.0.2
Evaluation version run-time limit increased to 30 minutes from 2 minutes.

3-22-2004    V1.0.1
The test client did expect a strong named wrapper but the Trial version wrapper DLL is not strong named.

2-18-2004    V1.0