OPCDA.NET Version Log

OPCDA.NET Client Component

Jan-7-2024   V15.3
Built for .NET4.7.2 (.NET4.7.2/4.8/4.8.1 applications) and .NET6 (.NET6/7/8 applications).
Built with the UA Option add-on V8.2.

Jun-19-2023   V15.1
OpcDaNetUA.Net4.dll built with UA add-on V8.0

Aug-7-2022   V15.0
.NET6 DLLs replace .NET5 DLLs.
OpcDaNetUA.Net4.dll built with UA add-on V7.0

Jan-25-2022   V14.4
Default DCOM Authentication level changed to the higher security PKT_INTEGRITY level, as required by the Microsoft DCOM Hardening.
Test clients and utilities are built with PKT_INTEGRITY authentication level.

Jan-11-2022    V14.3
onNotifyUntrustedCertificate handling fixed and added the non-static onNotifyUntrustedCertificate2 property.

Nov-23-2021   V14.2.0.1
Old OpcNetBase.Net4.dll file was in distribution.

Nov-16-2021   V14.2
Added method ComApi.SelectAuthLevelIntegrity(). This method must be called before a call to OpcServer.Connect or a call of a method in the OpcServerBrowser class.
This is to select the higher authentication level required for remote server access by Windows Update KB5004442.
OpcDaNetUA.Net4.dll built with UA add-on V6.5

Apr-20-2021  V14.1
Built with UA option V6.0 that includes support for .Net5 (NetCore).

Feb-1-2021   V14.0
.NET5.0 DLLs added, replacing NetCore3.1 DLLs.
Built with UA option V5.6.1.

Dec-3-2020   V13.1
Property OpcServer.ThrowExceptionAtDisconnectErrors added. If set TRUE, it forces errors at Disconnect to throw an exception instead of being ignored.
In the Standard edition distribution the OpcDaNetB.Net4.dll was falsely the Evaluation version.
Built with UA option V5.6.1

July-7-10-2020   V13.0
Added DLLs for NetCore3.1.  Built with UA option V5.6.

Feb-24-2020   V12.3
Code fix to prevent multiple AppId keys due to exe name case differences.
NetCore DLL added to the distribution.
Built with UA Option V5.5

Jan-27-2020   V12.2.1
Base for UA option V5.4.1

Dec-14-2019   V12.2
Added the property  server.CertificateCredential. If defined, the UA server access is made with the specified certificate in the UserIdentity.
Built with UA Option V5.4

Apr-24-2019  V12.1.1
The distribution DLLs were created with an outdated tool version causing an 'expired' message.

Apr-15-2019    V12.1
Added support for Visual Studio 2019

Mar-16-2019  V12.0
Base for OPCDA.NET-UA V5.0. The UA related executables are built for .NET 4.7.2

Jan-18-2019   V11.4
Base for OPCDA.NET-UA V4.3.
Browse() didn't correctly handle UA nodes that are branch and item. OPCDA.NET-UA V4.3 is required for correct branch/item node handling because the interface class NodeElement has an additional element.

Aug-23-2018     V11.3
Impersonate with main thread identity added in mouse event handler.
The default value of property ComApi.CoSetProxyBlanketDisable is changed to true.
ComApi.EnumComputers() now uses DirectoryServices if Win32 NetServerEnum() fails.
.NET2 DLLs added to the setup to maintain partial .NET2 support.
Base for UA option V4.2.1.

Jan-19-2018      V11.1
Built with UA option V4.2

Mar-11-2017   V11.0
Updated to Visual Studio 2017. Support for .NET2 discontinued.

Oct-22-2016    V10.3.1
The BGxxx class threads did not have IsBackground = true.
Base for UA option V3.4

May-23-2016   V10.3
WPF support enhanced to work with all Systems.Windows.UIElement derived classes.
Built with UA option V3.3.1

Apr-14-2016    V10.2
Additional UA related properties for UA option V3.3

Nov-18-2015    V10.1.1
UA option version mix corrected.

Oct-24-2015     V10.1
Built with UA option V3.1 (enhanced endpoint selection).

Aug-13-2015     V10.0
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2015, .NET4.6 and Windows 10.

Dec-15-2014     V9.3.1
Bug fix in async read/write UA server (thru UA option).

Mai-5-2014        V9.3
CLSID can be specified as {clsid} in place of ProgID to eliminate need for OpcEnum during Connect.
Updated to uaOption V2.3.1

Nov-7-2013    V9.2
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2013.

Jul-9-2013      V9.1.5
Bug fix in V9.1.4 changes - connect to a local OPC DA server failed when the machine name was specified.

May-31-2013   V9.1.4
Server browsing optimized so the OpcEnum is not required if only UA or Xi servers are browsed.
Catch block added for CoSetProxyBlanket call to prevent failures because this feature is not supported. ComApi.CoSetProxyBlanketDisable static option added.

Feb-6-2013    V9.1.1
BGServer.GeneralErrorExt and BGBrowseTree.NotificationsExt alternate error report handlers added.
Bug fix in NetGroups.Read return code.
Improvement in server browser: registration entries with ProgID==null are removed from the result.
OPC Foundation 32/64bit Core Components V3.0.105.1 included in the distribution. Advosol 64bit Core Components discontinued.

Oct-27-2012   V9.0.1
In the UA hooks the default UA configuration file name changed to name of entry assembly.

Aug-30-2012   V9.0
Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2012, .NET4.5 and Windows 8.
All utilities are provided in a version for .NET2 and .NET4 so that development and target machines only need to have one Framework version installed.

Mai-15-2012  V8.5.1
The OpcDaNetUA.dll has the new OpcServer.NamespaceURIs property for the optional definition of a namespaceURI table.
Compiled with UA Option V1.0.2

Dec-8-2011   V8.5
New UA Option released. The OPCDA.NET Professional Edition supports the OPCDA.NET-UA Option for access to OPC DA and UA servers through the same API.

Aug-5-2011    V8.4
getBrowseFilter and reportBrowseError event handler added in the BrowseTree classes.
Name filter and Browse Refresh button added in the DAGroup item collection property editor dialog.

Jun-1-2011    V8.3
DataBind error reporting improved with the new DataBindCallbackErrorEventHandler2 handler.
Xi interface for SetClientHandles() was missing.

Mar-23-2011   V8.2
Digital signatures on DLL files removed because they could cause startup delays in systems with intermittent Internet access.

Feb-15-2011   V8.1.3
Some Professional edition DLLs were wrongly built as Standard edition DLLs.

Jan-29-2011    V8.1.2
Code samples were missing in the previous reference manual help documentation.

Dec-10-2010   V8.1.1
Reference manual index improved.
Compiled with DANW-XI 1.4.2

Oct-26-2010   V8.1
The Xi option interface is enhanced for shutdown notifications and OpcGroup state changes. Compiled with Xi Option V1.4.

Jul-8-2010      V8.0.3
"Browse complete" Notification handler added in BGBrowseTree class.
Compiled with Xi Option V1.2.

Mai-30-2010    V8.0.1
Bug fix in VS2005/2008 new project wizard installation. Visual Studio 2010 project template for .NET2 and .NET4

Mai-17-2010    V8.0
Enhanced with support for .NET4 and Visual Studio 2010.
All OPCDA.NET assemblies are additionally provided in a version compiled for .NET4.
Wizards and Help are additionally installed into Visual Studio 2010.

Mar-11-2010   V7.2
Hooks added for the Xi option Browse methods.
Bug fix in 64-bit wrapping of the QueryAvailableProperties method.

Jan-23-2010   V7.1
The Professional Edition supports the DANW-Xi option for access to OPC DA and Xi servers trough the same API.
Bug fixes:
- New projexct wizard didn't correctly install into Visual Studio in Windows7-x64 systems.
- The daGroup class Read and Write methods didn't correctly report invalid items
- AddGroup with deadband >0.0 could throw a null reference exception

Sep-12-2009   V7.0.1
Performance improvements in background server access classes.

Mar-2-2009    V7.0
Support for WPF applications added. Some OPCDA.NET classes handle the data transfer into Windows controls. There are now DLL versions provided with this features for either Forms or WPF applications. The DAServer/DAGroup Forms components are not yet available for WPF because the current WPF Designer version doesn't support the necessary property dialog editor features.
Known issue: The help documentation misses the constructor overloads for WPF. VS IntelliSense shows the overloads correctly.

Nov-22-2008   V6.5
New OpcGroup.SetState() method added as an alternative to the OpcGroup properties. Multiple group states can be changed in one server call.
The error reporting in the writing of the OpcGroup properties is improved. An exception is thrown on errors in SetState server call, if the ErrorsAsExecptions property is true.
Bug fix: The setup did not install the wizards into the Visual Studio Express editions.

Nov-2-2008     V6.4.1
Error info added in DAGroup and DAOpcItem. Evaluation setup file with password.

Jul-12-2008     V6.4
Added OpcNetBase.dll with common server access classes to minimize module dependencies in applications that use DA, AE and/or HDA server access (OPCDA.NET, OPCAE.NET, OPCHDA.NET).

Mai-6-2008    V6.3.1
Memory leak fixed in GetStatus().

Mar-31-2008    V6.3
.NET wrapping exceptions in the ReadComplete, WriteComplete, DataChange callback handlers are now reported as E_INVALIDARG errors to the application callback handlers.
The callback wrappers now pass invalid client handles to the application instead of ignoring the callback. This change is necessary for OPC client applications to be able to report invalid handles in a way accepted by the OPC compliancy test lab procedures.
Bug fix in the error handling of BGGroup.Read, BGGroup.Write, BGGroup.WriteVQT

Jan-4-2008     V6.2
New DAServer/DAGroup controls in the Professional Edition. These invisible controls are configured in the Visual Studio Designer and handle the OPC server access.
Support for Visual Studio 2008 added.

Sep-2-2007     V6.1
The executables (exe/dll) and the the setup package are now Authenticode signed.

Aug-11-2007   V6.0.4
Bug fix: Memory leak in WriteVQT and ReadMaxAge

Jun-20-2007   V6.0.2
Bug fix OpcGroup.Remove of group with KeepAliveEmulation

Mar-19-2007   V6.0.1
OPC Foundation Core Components V3.0.101 with bug fix.

Mar-3-2007     V6.0
Upgraded for operation on Vista and Vista-64.
Server name in Connect() is not case sensitive anymore. OpcDataBind.CheckServer() method added.

Dec-29-2006   V5.5.1
Bug fixes in 64-bit handling

Dec-17-2006   V5.5
OpcDaNet.dll is upgraded to support 64-bit operation. OPCDA.NET based applications created with Visual Studio 2005 can run in 32-bit and 64-bit mode.
The DA2 and DA3 test clients are provided in a Framework 1.1 and a Framework 2.0 version. The Framework 1.1 versions run on all systems. The Framework 2.0 versions run in 64-bit mode on 64-bit systems.

Dec-2-2006 V5.4.2
New Windows Service sample application and a Windows Service Manager utility.
Bug fix in OPCDA2 TestClient Write handling. The entered value was replaced with the current server value.

Oct-7-2006    V5.4.1
Additional features in test client. Documentation index improved.

Aug-15-2006    V5.4
The Professional Edition now supports additionally the emulation of the OPC DA V3 KeepAlive feature for OPC DA V2 servers. This simplifies the detection of failed servers and connections in applications that base on the data change callback mechanism.
User Impersonation has been added to the BGAcces classes to ensure that the background threads always execute in the same security context as the main thread.

Jun-30-2006 V5.3.1
Improvements in the BGAcces classes. Additional BGRemoveItems method.

Jun-22-2006    V5.3
New Professional Editition with added functionality:
- Classes for background server access prevent the application becoming unresponsive due to long server processing times or long DCOM timeouts.
- The conveniant OPC DA V3 Browse and GetProperties methods are emulated for OPC DA V2 servers
- ItemList Builder/Loader removes building OPCItemDef arrays with item IDs from the application code.

Jun-2-2006      V5.2.3
OpcSecurityAnalyser tool extended with Firewall support.

May-25-2006    V5.2.2
OpcGroup.Write null-value checking/handling improved.
New method OpcServer.GetStandardProperties().

Mar-10-2006     V5.2.1
There was a mix-up in the VS2003/VS2005 OpcDaNet.dll versions causing BrowseTree to fail in VS2003 compiled applications.

Feb-23-2006     V5.2
New Installer tool that installs the software independent of the installed Framework versions.

02/02/2006      V5.1.3
The evaluation version OpcDaNet.dll was corrupted and caused exceptions in some VB.Net sample applications.

01/18/2006      V5.1.2
The OPCDA.NET product version setup had the VS2005 templates directories wrongly spelled with a space.

01/02/2006       V5.1.1
Wizard adapted for Visual Studio 2005 Release version.

12-07-05          V5.1
Tested with Visual Studio 2005. VS2005 compiled OpcDaNet.DLL for Framework 2.0.
For CLS compliancy two modifications had to be made:
- Member OpcException.hResult is changed to OpcException.Result
- Enumerator OPCSERVERSTATE is changed to OpcServerState

10-02-05        V5.0
Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 support with project templates, item templates and code snippets.
Error handling can be chosen from two modes, function results or exceptions.
Additional sample application and new DA/AE simulation test server.

06-26-05           V4.3
DataBind DBFmt value transformation now has a double result for all data types.
OPCItemResult.CanonicalType did not convert array types.
Extended DataBind class for support of the DANVOP user interface controls.

03-31-05         V4.2.1
Definition for DocSet added in Help2 docu for Visual Studio Filter support. Also Delphi syntax in docu.

03-29-05            V4.2
The revised Help documentation is provided as CHM file and as Help2 collection that plugs into Visual Studio.
Delphi 2005 sample applications added. Bug fix in ItemListLoader class.
New OpcSecurityAnalyser tool.

03-09-05             V4.1.2
Deployment chapter added to the documentation.
Bug fixes: DataBind callback handler: try/catch block added in item loop. Deadband value in AddGroup caused interop error. One RefreshGroup constructor overload was falsely removed.

11-24-04         V4.1.1
Wizard could fail to create the OpcDaNet.dll reference and the wizard DataBind code was not up-to-date.

10-25-04     V4.1
The DataBinding class is extended to support all classes, not only Windows controls. OPC server items can be bound to public properties of any class. Item values are refreshed in the associated object without need for a user callback handler.

10-18-04     V4.0
New DataBinding class for display subscriptions that refresh and display item values without need for user callback handlers.
The help documentation is plugged into all installed Visual Studio versions, including Visual Studio 2005 Beta and Visual Studio Express 2005. Projects using OPCDA.NET can be converted to Visual Studio 2005 Beta and work without modifications. The wizard are not yet available for VS 2005. Projects need to be created with VS 2003 and the converted to VS 2005.

10-11-04      V3.2.2
An added property in the OPCItemDef class caused a serialization error in the XmlIO class. A serialization control attribute had to be added.

09-18-04       V3.2.1
Company name changed to Advosol Inc. Copyright notices and URL's updated.
The V3.2 distribution falsely contained the XMLDA.NET ItemListBuilder tool.

09-05-04      V3.2
The new ItemListBuilder tool and ItemListLoader class simplify the development of clients that use a pre-defined set of items.

08-09-04     V3.1.1
Added instructions for using OPC via DCOM in XP with SP2.
Bug fix in VB wizard. (Did not work without C# installed.)

07-25-2004 V3.1
New project generation wizard with GUI to select the needed client features.

05-04-2004   V3.0.1
Added wrapper support for all OPC DA V3 defined functions. Additional test client for OPC DA V3 features. New test/simulation server with OPC DA V3 support.

03-26-04 V2.4.4
A bug in the BrowseTree MouseEvent handler corrected.

02-28-04 V2.4.3
TestClient default browse mode changed to 'browse all at connect' disabled.
TestClient did not show the usage help text.
The OPCDA data classes have the [Serializable] attribute

02-08-04 V2.4.2
The BrowseTree mouse event handler could run into a null reference exception.
The OPC common binaries are now included in form of the OPC Foundation Core Components Merge Module.

01-13-04 V2.4.1
Trial version recalled. Dangerous error corrected in Trial Version time limit handling.
AdviseIOPCDataCallback ignores multiple calls

11-12-03 V2.4
Sample projects updated to Visual Studio 2003
The OpcDaNet.dll assembly is now strong named
If defined then the Host access definitions (user name, password, domain ) are also used for a access to OpcEnum ( OpcEnum is used in Connect() to get the CLSID of the remote OPC server.
Bug fix in the group.Active property. The group was not inactivated in some cases.

10-07-03 V2.3
The BrowseTree/BrowseTreeList classes extended to support one-level browsing. Browsing the complete server took a long time with some servers. In the new one-level browse mode only one hierarchy level is browsed and displayed. When a branch is clicked that was not yet browsed then the BrowseTree class automatically browses this branch. For the user there is only a speed difference. The BrowseTree constructor needs an additional argument for this mode.

09-15-03 V2.2.3
Minor bug fixes and improvements in TestClient

08-05-03 V2.2.2
Setup Project compiled with VS2003 to eliminate need for local InstMsiW.exe

08-05-03 V2.2.1
The Wizards didn't work on systems with only VS.NET 2003 installed
Some improvements in the TestClient

07-12-03 V2.2.0
XML helper class that serializes/deserializes OPCItemDef arrays for simple configuration file handling.
Sample application with XML configuration.
Sample application with item properties handling.
Corrections and clarifications in the help documentation.
Additional locks in SyncIOGroup/RefreshIOGroup to prevent reentrancy problems.

05-22-03 V2.1.0
Additional AddGroup methods variants for simpler use.
New Browse classes handling server browsing, display and item selection.
Few corrections and improvments in the documentation.

05-02-03 V2.0.1
Additional Connect functions with improved security handling for connecting to remote servers.
Help and Wizards can be installed into multiple VS.NET versions.
The TestClient uses the new Connect functions for connections to remote servers. It can now display and edit even complexly structured item values and offer an error lookup feature.
Additional methods in the OpcServer class: AddBrowseTree, AddSyncIOGroup, AddRefreshGroup.

04-05-03 V1.5.1
Exceptions from not implemented OPC interfaces are catched and handled so that the client can use at least the
interfaces supported by the server.
This allows the client to work with V1 servers ( except asynchronous callback ) and servers that don't implement the
item browse interface. Before it was not possible to connect to such servers.

03-30-03 V1.5.0
BrowseTree is improved and now supports OPC servers that have fully qualified items names that differ from
the heirarchical browse address space.

03-26-03 V1.4.2
Additional checks in the browse enumeration handling as a workaround for the CimQuest server
BrowseCurrentBranch did not release the enumerator in case of S_FALSE
BrowseCurrentBranch now returns an empty ArrayList instead of null

02-03-03 V1.4.1
The Trial version did run only for 1 min, now it runs as supposed for 30 min

02-01-03 V1.4
OpcClient Class Templates for VB and C# to simplify adding OPC access to console and Web applications
C# Project Wizard now creates project with [MTAThread] treading model, allowing OPC calls from multiple threads.

01-24-03 V1.31
Cleanup problem in V1.3 of Disconnect corrected (trial version only)

12-30-02 V1.3
New utility 'RemoteServers' for type registration of remote servers.
Two additional C# sample client projects (same as V1.21 VB samples )

12-13-02 V1.22
Sample clients threw an exception when an item was selected. The test if the item was correctly read was
not up-to-date.

11-26-02 V1.21
Improvements in the documentation of the QuickUse classes
Two additional VB sample client projects.

11-17-02 V1.2
Documentation in Help2 format replaces HTML documentation
Error handling in the "Connect" methods cleaned up. Some error conditions did throw an exception. Now all errors are reported in the return code.
Connect(SrvName,CompName) changed to Connect(CompName, SrvName) for consistency reasons.

10-30-02 V1.11
Connect and Browse extended for remote servers support
HTML docu improved

10-26-02 V1.1
Wizards for VB and C#

10-25-02 V1.02
Corrections in Setup and Docu

10-22-02 V1.01
Corr in VB sample client: Add to Refresh group required two clicks
Additional checkbox in sample clients for cache/device read