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         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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Express Interface (Xi / OPC .NET) Test Client

The Xi Test client is designed for application level tests of Express Interface (Xi / OPC .NET) servers. 
It's easy to install and use.

The test client is built with the Advosol PaXi Client Base.
The test client can access OPC .NET (Xi) servers, OPC Classic DA/AE/HDA servers and OPC UA servers. It does most server access asynchronously and doesn't become unresponsive due to slow server access.

OPC UA server access needs proper configuration and a certificate. Documentation and utilities are part of PaXi but are not included in the test client download. Download the PaXi evaluation instead.

Advosol offers the test client as a free tool for Xi application developers.


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.NET applications can access OPC AE server through a set of conveniant classes and methods. The EventView control handles a wide range of OPC Alarms&Events viewing requirements. OPC Alarms&Events .NET clients can be created without writing code and without knowledge of the OCP AE specification.

Product SKU Description Price Order
Xi Test Client XiTC-FT OPC .NET (Xi) test client for .NET3.5 and .NET4
The Xi Test Client is offered as a free tool. It can be downloaded, installed on computers and used free of charge.
However, it is NOT allowed to redistribute or reverse engineer the software.

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