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The OpcAnalyzerRedirector simplifies the use of the OPC Foundation’s OpcAnalyzer tool.
The server access can be analyzed without any changes in the client. This is especially important when the client to be analyzed has the OPC server ProgID hard coded and the source code is not available.
It is also convenient when the OpcAnalyzer is used in combination with the OPC Compliance Test Tool to get more detailed information in case of errors. In CTT the ProgID cannot be changed without having to specify the complete test configuration. With the OpcAnalyzerRedirector the server ProgID doesn’t need to be changed.

OPC Analyzer Redirector Utility

The OpcAnalyzerRedirector modifies the server registration. After redirection the test server access goes into the OpcAnalyzer.
The registration of  OpcTestLab.OpcAnalyzer.1  is changed to the ProgID of the server to be tested. The ProgID of the server to be tested is modified with the prefix  _ARD_
E.g.: after redirection the server Advosol.SimDAServer.1 is directly accessible as _ARD_Advosol.SimDAServer.1while Advosol.SimDAServer.1 connects to the OpcAnalyzer.
The OpcAnalyzer needs to be configured to use the modified name (e.g. _ARD_Advosol.SimDAServer.1) as the test server.


Please report any encountered difficulties and suggestions for improvements to support@advosol.com


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XMLDA.NET is a .NET XML DA client component that supports access to OPC DA and XML DA servers. The OPC client application can be designed as an XML DA web service client and ican be built as a Windows Forms orASP.NET application. All DCOM handling is XMLDA.NET internally.

Product SKU Description Price Order
Free Tool ARD-FT The OpcAnalyzerRedirector utility is offered as a free tool. It can be downloaded, installed on computers and used free of charge.
However, it is NOT allowed to redistribute or reverse engineer the software.

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