XML DA Client Components

The XML-DA client development componentes simplify the development with helper classes and tools. Through an integrated wrapper the XML-DA client can access OPC DA servers.   read more...
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XMLDA.NET is a .NET Client development toolkit that handles the access to XML DA and OPC DA servers. The application is coded as an XML DA web client, independent of the type of server to be accessed. Ideal for ASP.NET applications.

XML DA Client Components      Category Description

How to develop OPC XML-DA Clients


Using the XMLDA.NET Client Component

Depending on the URL:
- the XML-DA server is accessed
- the call is wrapped to the OPC DA interface and the OPC DA server is accessed through DCOM.

XMLDA.NET supports access to multiple XML DA and OPC DA (DCOM) servers servers.

The XMLDA.NET Wrapper is specially interesting for ASP client applications for OPC-DA servers. The ASP application is remotely accessible and may be installed at the location of the OPC-DA server. With XMLDA.NET it has direct access to the OPC-DA server without having to go through another XML serialization.
Windows Forms applications have to go through an XML-DA converter server to be able to access remote OPC-DA servers.



OPC Client Applications with Web Service Reference

On other platforms then .NET no XML DAT client SDK may be available. 
It may still be possible to create XML DA clients by referencing the XML DA WSDL file.