Testimonials from a few of our customers

What a pleasure it is working with an organization that provides excellent technical support!  I had a choice of buying the Advosol product or buying a product from another vendor, but during my evaluation, I had a chance to interact with you and immediately was impressed with the responsiveness and knowledge that you provided.  This was in sharp contrast to my experience dealing with tech support, so the decision on which package to buy was very easy for me. 
I really like the DANSrv .Net Server Toolkit and the samples that are provided – it has made the job of creating my own OPC server a snap; couple that with great tech support and I’m sure glad that we made the decision to go with Advosol!
Eric J. Juntti, Jacobs Technology Inc.

OPCDA.NET is easy to use, especially with the complete help files. I think you guys have a great product. You are the first place I would look for an OPC .NET wrapper.  We don't do many projects requiring PC communications, so ease of use and transparency of your wrappers makes things much better for us.
Bob Krupnek, RWC Controls Engineering


We installed the XDAGW-SS gateway on a machine running RSLinx, put together an application to run on another PC that will remotely access the gateway, and it just works.  Installation was painless.
Starting before we purchased, your support was very helpful in our efforts to prove out the usefulness of your products in the environment we needed to use them.  We downloaded your demos and put together sample programs as a test, but got a few things wrong.  For each inquiry we made, the responses were surprisingly quick and right on the mark.  We were able to determine fairly quickly and easily that the products would do what we needed them to do. Advosol also remained very responsive and helpful after we bought - a couple setup issues came up and he got us going quickly.  He even pointed us quickly to the source of one problem that turned out to be the fact that rsLinx was not working properly - not a problem with your product but he got us rolling quickly anyway.
We've been using your products in production for maybe 2 or 3 months now and they've performed flawlessly.
Ron Frank, Maranatha Software, Inc.


The ease of use and functionality of OPCDA.NET is just right. It allows me to do every little thing that I need to do that is possible with the OPC DA standard. I can tweak all the things I need to and I can do it without needing to worry about any interop code (which I find a little diffcult today). So I would say that the product is just right here - all functions and options I need without too difficult code. There are other OPC .NET software that I also tried out which were a little easier to use at first but I quickly found them lacking when needing to do something a little more than just the most obvious.
It took about 30 minutes to get my first application working - but of course a lot more before I had all asynchronous read / write and other events working as I wanted them to. All in all a very good peace of software without any serious problems and just the right amount of expertise needed to be used and to a good price.
Conny Karlsson, Asitek Oy, Finland.


The OPCDA.NET control is really easy to use, has excellent integration with .Net and good performance. My first application was working within a few hours. Product documentation is really good, I found everything that I needed right there. I love the OPC error searching feature (it helps a lot). I will recommend your product to other OPC integrators and developers.
Julio C. Montoya M., Alberta Newsprint Company


The DANSrv .Net Server Toolkit has excellent functionality, is easy to understand and install, and has a good integration with Visual Studio.NET. Based on a sample I got my first server working within one day. The evaluation toolkit is a very good package for product evaluation.
Ing. Christian van Rodijnen, PRIVA Building Intelligence B.V., Netherlands


OPCDA.NET is extremely easy to use. I dropped it in and it worked! I even used a sample application in my application as a sort of diagnostic tool. Documentation is good. The only need to call tech support was for DCOM issues, really outside the domain of the control but received the help I needed anyway. I will look closer at your other components based on my satisfaction with this one!
Evan Minger, Integrated Information Technology LLC